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Baby Girl

Girly Girl?

or Tom Boy?

(yes those are real snails crawling all over her hands)

Apparently she can't decide either!

(note the halter knit top, skirt and sparkly shoes that were worn while playing in the dirt)

Well at least she's well rounded!


The kind you put in your car: I have to say I'm really amazed how much the gas has dropped in price. Last week I thought I did really well when I filled up at WalMart when it was $2.46/gal. Today it was $2.38/gal at Mobil. My local Mobil is usually pretty good, but I wonder what WalMart is......

The kind you put in your stomach: It always seems that when the weather dips below 80, it makes me want to make stews and heartier meals. It was chilly (for us) this AM, around 50 so I got to pull out some of my hand knit socks. After volunteering in Baby Girl's class room (it's amazing how some kids bloom when you pay just a bit of attention to them, but that will be for another post) I came home and pulled out some of my recipe books. I have a stack of them along with a bunch of magazines that I have saved with recipes I want to try.

Right now I have a baked macaroni lasagna in the oven and it smells WONDERFUL! I'm using elbow macaroni and I only put ricotta cheese in…

T is for


She is the least social of the group, but she is also the loudest purrer. I took this picture yesterday when she plopped down in front of me when I was taking my Saturday Sky.

Too Pooped

He hasn't been touched since August. I think I may have to pull this one out soon.


I love this store. Where else can you buy a set of brown sheets for $3.74??? They were being clearanced out and were the last of that color. #1 Son is VERY happy with his new sheets, and I'm thrilled with the price. I still spend too much money there, but it's mostly the clearanced stuff. Doing my part to stimulate this sagging economy.

Saturday Shake up

Every once in a while the IO wants to shake things up. Switch from Dish Network to Cable. Switch from cable connection to dsl. After a couple of months, we switch back. I've gotten back my Dish and phone, but I'm not getting back my cable connection. Which means I need to change my email address again. I was at AOL for the LONGEST time. When they started to charge a LOT for a service that was mostly email (at that point, all the boards I read relocated elsewhere), I finally agreed to get rid of AOL and we switched to Comcast. Since we are getting rid of that service, I need to be renamed. First I was Gmail. Not bad until I couldn't use it for all my blogging. Then I was Well apparently I can only have 10 addresses to an email. That wasn't working for me either. I'm now back to AOL. For now. We'll see how that works. However I've changed my emails so many times on so many things, I'm not sure who I am anymore.

I'm having a …

He's not the only one getting awards!

Susie awarded me with this:

Thank you Susie!! I love your blog too!!!

Now, the rules for accepting this blog award:

1. Please put the award on your blog.

2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.

3. You must nominate at least 4 fellow bloggers for this award.

4. Add links to the recipients.

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I have linked to Susie's blog, the Knit Farm. She's a transplanted Yankee on the other side of the pond. I live vicariously thru her posts since it will be a LONG time before I get over there.

Now here are some of my favorite blogs that I go to often:

1. Quiddity - Jane was really the first blog I started reading way back when. I *think* it was from when I was following the AOL boards, she would post her name, her email and her blog. She has such lovely knits pictured and has over 100+ socks knit up.

2. Tangled Up In Sticks and String - Dee was the first IRL person I knew who started a blog. I had been debating on starting a bl…

A Week in Pictures

In the past few days we did a project,

I have learned that #1 Son prefers very little help with his projects so while I may make the occasional suggestion, the ideas and work are his. As he gets older I am VERY grateful for this! The most I did with the diarama was take him to JoAnn's and suggest the green felt for the ground. The rest is his.

attended an Honor Society ceremony,

#1 Son's grades have been so good that he qualified for the school's Honor Society. Excuse me while I beam with pride. I took Baby Girl out of her class so she could be there to see him get his certificate. While he was proud of himself for qualifing for the Honor Society, he was THRILLED that he also qualified for a trip to Sea World at the end of the year.

and got to go to camp.

The school provides an educational camp that focuses on their writing skills. They make the learning fun plus they have bon fires and rope climbing.

#1 Son loves all the extra stuff he's been doing now that he'…

To Hell and Back

For the most part, I'm an easy going person. I can roll with the punches; if things don't go the way I planned, I can adjust. However there are certain things that I'm very determined (read: stubborn) abt. Like sewing. I refuse to let a machine and a pattern be the downfall of me, esp a pattern that I've used a few times before. I decided I was going to take my time and figure out what was wrong. I'm not mechanically inclined so I wasn't sure if I could do it, but then I noticed I set the stitch length at ZERO! Well no wonder it wouldnt work!! I fixed my settings, pulled out the pieces of the pants and


here is a closer look at the pants

#1 Son loves them! He slept in them and wants me to make more. I REALLY wish they were a bit longer, but he doesn't seem to mind. Either way I got them done!! I'll wait until next Saturday to make the others. Who knows what words I'll be using then!

Saturday night I finished up this

It's a kitty blanket for the…

Sewing is NOT therapeutic!

Apparently I've turned into a weekend blogger. I have such good intentions to blog thruout the week, but by the time I get home, I just don't have the time or the mindset to say much.

Good intentions. The road to hell is paved with them. And I was on my way yesterday. Since I knit so much during the week, I've been wanting to set aside the wknds for other projects. I've been stitching on Sundays, so I thought Saturdays would be a good day to use my sewing machine. I've had a craft table set up in my living room for over a year with sewing projects. Since I would like to get that back in the office, I figured I should start going thru it.

Sew patch on Baby Girl's shirt. Check.

Fix floral appique on another shirt. Check.

Organize the I Spy fabrics I got from the swap I was in back in August. Check.

I could continue with the I Spy fabrics, but instead I decide to tackle the pile of fabric I have put aside to make #1 Son's sleep pants. I found the pa…

Is it Sunday already?

Now that we are full swing into school and I'm working p/t, the days tend to run together. Add in sinus issues for ALL of us and the fact that I totally lost yesterday to a sinus/migraine headache, well it's no wonder I'm surprised it's Sunday. Or October. Hmmmm, must be the Benadryl.

Even with work and school and sinus meds, I still try to work on something once a day. Even if its just straight garter stitch on a kitty blanket. Remember this guy?

It's grown a bit since then.

I pulled this out last night after the meds started to work, but was too foggy to work on much else.

Since I feel much better today, I decided to pull out some stitching. I've been stitching a bit more over the past couple of weeks and want to show yes, there is actual progress. Here is my snowman.


This is my special needs project. Not only do I need my Ott light with this project, but also my reading glasses. I don't need them for reading, but I do for this small, da…