Baby Girl

Girly Girl?

or Tom Boy?

(yes those are real snails crawling all over her hands)

Apparently she can't decide either!

(note the halter knit top, skirt and sparkly shoes that were worn while playing in the dirt)

Well at least she's well rounded!


Anonymous said…
She's growing up too fast! Look how tall she is getting!

Love the last picture.
SusieH said…
The first picture is official portrait-worthy, but the last one needs to be in a frame too!

Remember early SNL - "Shimmer. It's a floor wax!" "No, it's a dessert topping!" Calm down, you two. It's both!!"

Vivian said…
She's well rounded and very lucky!
Anonymous said…
Too Funny Lynn,
I guess that happens to a lot of baby girls. They need to try everything so when they hit their teens they know for sure if they are "girly girl" or "tom boy." hahaha
Nan said…
LOL! At least she's not squeamish and not afraid to enjoy life!

Well Lynntintin, can you help me win win win? I am in a contest, details on my most recent post, I wanna win and ain't afraid to plead and beg everyone to help!
KSee said…
I can't beleive how fast she is growing. Great pictures.

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