The kind you put in your car: I have to say I'm really amazed how much the gas has dropped in price. Last week I thought I did really well when I filled up at WalMart when it was $2.46/gal. Today it was $2.38/gal at Mobil. My local Mobil is usually pretty good, but I wonder what WalMart is......

The kind you put in your stomach: It always seems that when the weather dips below 80, it makes me want to make stews and heartier meals. It was chilly (for us) this AM, around 50 so I got to pull out some of my hand knit socks. After volunteering in Baby Girl's class room (it's amazing how some kids bloom when you pay just a bit of attention to them, but that will be for another post) I came home and pulled out some of my recipe books. I have a stack of them along with a bunch of magazines that I have saved with recipes I want to try.

Right now I have a baked macaroni lasagna in the oven and it smells WONDERFUL! I'm using elbow macaroni and I only put ricotta cheese in half of it. #1 Son doesn't like any cheese except for mozzarella so that will be the other side. I also have a Chocolate Pudding Pie in the fridge for dessert. I get the Kraft magazines in the mail and always fold down pages of recipes to try, but end up making the same things over and over again. Well I plan on jazzing things up a bit. It's another busy week and instead of driving thru McDonald's yet again, I decided to actually plan out my meals for the next couple of days (SHOCKER!). Tomorrow is a roast and with the left overs I will make a Shepherd's Pie on Wednesday. Thursday will be a fast food night and Friday will be dinner with friends.

I also have cheesecake bites pulled out for later in the week. They use Nilla Wafers as the base and cream cheese goodness as the cake. I can add fruit if I want, just not sure if I want. I'll keep you up to date with any results I may (or may NOT) have. If I get nothing out of this, I'll at least wade thru my recipes. Or at least rotate them around a bit; I just got the latest issue of Rachel Ray. It came with a free food calendar so I should have at least one new recipe a month to try......

Edited to add:


The macaroni lasagna came out really good. The pie was good, too, but it was a bit rich. Next time I'm not going to blend in the Cool Whip. And I may use banana pudding instead of chocolate. Banana pudding with chocolate crust. Mmmmmmmmm.


Anonymous said…

It all looks great!
Anonymous said…
That looked so good I had to Google the recipe so I can try it.

I would have a hard time eating chocolate on chocolate anything. Too much chocolate for me.

Have fun with your cooking. It really does help save and the meals are always better for you. Especially if you all sit down together to eat. :)

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