Is it Sunday already?

Now that we are full swing into school and I'm working p/t, the days tend to run together. Add in sinus issues for ALL of us and the fact that I totally lost yesterday to a sinus/migraine headache, well it's no wonder I'm surprised it's Sunday. Or October. Hmmmm, must be the Benadryl.

Even with work and school and sinus meds, I still try to work on something once a day. Even if its just straight garter stitch on a kitty blanket. Remember this guy?

It's grown a bit since then.

I pulled this out last night after the meds started to work, but was too foggy to work on much else.

Since I feel much better today, I decided to pull out some stitching. I've been stitching a bit more over the past couple of weeks and want to show yes, there is actual progress. Here is my snowman.


This is my special needs project. Not only do I need my Ott light with this project, but also my reading glasses. I don't need them for reading, but I do for this small, dark fabric.

An easier one to work on is my Seasonal Fall.


I know it won't be done in time to hang up this year, but it should be ready to go by next Fall.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going back to a really good football game. It's amazing, when your team ends last season with only one win, ANY kind of life makes it interesting to watch. I may have to pull out an old Dolphin t-shirt! Since I never saw yesterday's sky, here is a look at today's, including temps.


Anonymous said…
Considering that you were feeling crappy, you got a lot of stitching/knitting done.

Could it be that being call vicious motivates you?

Being mentally deranged almost caused me to rip out a perfectly good sock. ;-)
Jane said…
I had that sinus thing last weekend. Hope you get over yours fast!
SusieH said…
Both of those stitching projects are really showing the progress.

ME, I need an Ott light. Maybe I can use a JO-Ann online coupon and get it shipped over here :)
aksunflour said…
Wow that fall stitching is coming along!

Hope that sinus thing stays away from me- as swim lessons start up again this week.

Hope things are better for you guys.
Brigitte said…
Oh, I can totally feel your pain... I'm fighting a bad cold, and the meds are making me pretty stupid. I'm surprised I'm able to accomplish anything!
Anonymous said…
So sorry for the migraine and sinus crap. I don't envy you, but I am hoping you are feeling much better by now. I can't do the stitching any more. The eyes can't take it at all these days, so I stick with the knitting. Have a good day. :)

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