Saturday Shake up

Every once in a while the IO wants to shake things up. Switch from Dish Network to Cable. Switch from cable connection to dsl. After a couple of months, we switch back. I've gotten back my Dish and phone, but I'm not getting back my cable connection. Which means I need to change my email address again. I was at AOL for the LONGEST time. When they started to charge a LOT for a service that was mostly email (at that point, all the boards I read relocated elsewhere), I finally agreed to get rid of AOL and we switched to Comcast. Since we are getting rid of that service, I need to be renamed. First I was Gmail. Not bad until I couldn't use it for all my blogging. Then I was Well apparently I can only have 10 addresses to an email. That wasn't working for me either. I'm now back to AOL. For now. We'll see how that works. However I've changed my emails so many times on so many things, I'm not sure who I am anymore.

I'm having a virtual identity crisis.

It's scary to thing how tied I am to a virtual world. Not that long ago I could actually wait for the news to hear the latest instead of heading to The Drudge Report. Or, gasp, go to the library if I wanted to research something. Now I can google it. Personally I enjoy getting my news and info quickly. I like watching the local weather radar and seeing the front go overhead. I like being able to go to someone's blog and seeing their latest fiber acquisition.

My name is Lynn and I'm a virtual junkie.

While I love my virtual world, there is something to be said for meeting in person. I got to meet up with my IRL friends (who I originally met on line) at Dee's. She hosted this month's stitching group, and while the majority of the group cross stitches, her and I both knit and have a thing for sock yarn. When I got there she showed me her yarn stash and did something extremely nice, she dumped the yarn and let me play!!! I took no pictures of this, but trust me, it was a TREAT! Since most of my time there was spent elbow deep in yarn, I didn't get much stitching done, but it was worth it. She's got some GREAT yarn! I was good, I left it all there, but I did ask to be a beneficiary. You know, just in case.

And for those looking for that blue sky, I can only partially accomodate you.

It's the tail end of a front that is going thru. We got rain pretty much all day yesterday, but by the end of today it was gorgeous weather. The kind that makes people forget we are still in hurricane season.

And as the day sets and the kids slow down, guess what the IO has on tv? The Lawrence Welk Show. You think I'm kidding??


Anonymous said…
I'm glad you had a good time playing in the wool.

It was really fun having you come down (finally) ... I know --- it's a L-O-N-G ride, isn't it!

See you next month
SusieH said…
Lawrence Welk - doesn't THAT give me kiddie flashbacks!?

Wallowing in sock yarn sounds like a dream come true to me...
aksunflour said…
LOL! for a time that show was the only thing that settled Bumpkins down.

Lovely blue sky. I keep forgetting about Hurricane season.

Good luck w/the internet dilemma.
(my emails are yahoo and gmail, used to have one for messenger too).

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