Sewing is NOT therapeutic!

Apparently I've turned into a weekend blogger. I have such good intentions to blog thruout the week, but by the time I get home, I just don't have the time or the mindset to say much.

Good intentions. The road to hell is paved with them. And I was on my way yesterday. Since I knit so much during the week, I've been wanting to set aside the wknds for other projects. I've been stitching on Sundays, so I thought Saturdays would be a good day to use my sewing machine. I've had a craft table set up in my living room for over a year with sewing projects. Since I would like to get that back in the office, I figured I should start going thru it.

Sew patch on Baby Girl's shirt. Check.

Fix floral appique on another shirt. Check.

Organize the I Spy fabrics I got from the swap I was in back in August. Check.

I could continue with the I Spy fabrics, but instead I decide to tackle the pile of fabric I have put aside to make #1 Son's sleep pants. I found the pattern I plan on using and start setting up.

So far so good.

#1 Son is really excited abt his sleep pants. He's really not a big fan of the knits, but he loves to sleep in flannel pants. He points to the first pair he wants me to make. A purple and green swirled flannel. It's really a cool looking fabric and I lay it out.

Uh oh.

There isn't enough fabric to make his pants. I try another pattern. Not enough. I try folding the fabric in a different way. Still not enough. I tell #1 Son that I can either make him long shorts or I can do a patchwork of fabric for the legs to make pants. He opts for long shorts.

Now the cats come out of the wood work. Their Spidey sense tells them that fabric and colorful pins and tissue paper are scattered all over the floor. Play time! So after wrangling Hemi and Princess to opposite corners (Lucy and Tiger gave up and went away) I was able to cut the pattern out and I'm ready to sew! Hmmmm. Why isn't it matching up? Did I cut it out wrong? Is the pattern wrong?? No, I'm trying to attach the wrong pieces. I've had too many distractions and I'm not concentrating (because I really NEED to concentrate when I sew). Ok now that I have that fixed I go to the sewing machine.

Uh oh.

Not only do I have the wrong thread in the machine (it was a bright blue), but the bobbin thread is all jammed up. I fix that and change thread. It jams up again. I take out the bobbin thread and clean out the area. It still jams up.

At this point I shut the machine off, put the pile of fabric back on the craft table and walk away. Two hours of good intentions and I end up in hell.

This is why I knit.


SusieH said…
{{{{Lynn}}}} My sympathies. My quest for a Plain Old Dress for Lily me ready to drag out the machine and attempt to practice some straight seams. I have never sewn anything without my mom standing by to tell me how to thread the machine, and what next...literally!
stitcherw said…
Sounds like a very frustrating way to spend a couple hours. So sorry it didn't work out smoother. With working and such, you don't have much free time and to have it spent with frustration doesn't seem fair. Hopefully the next time you pull the sewing out it goes better. As to being a weekend blogger, you may find it fits better with your time and you feel less pressed to post. Work and life are why I only seem to be able to post on a weekend as well.

Congrats on finishing your earlier sweater, it looks like it will keep some child quite warm this coming winter. Your stitching on the chair and snowman pieces made nice headway too. The blue fabric is so pretty, but I can see how it would need the extra help of the ott light and such to see clearly.

Good luck on finihing the kitty blanket soon too. Looks like you're almost done with it. I was in Michaels the other day and they had a bunch of yarn on clearance. I saw it and thought of you and the kitty blankets you make. Some of the bright red jumped into my basket, at $1 a skein, I now have two. I started a kitty blanket last night and have a good amount done. Our local shelter has several open houses this time of year, and I thought the red would look fun and Holidayish. They request the mats to be 20x28, which I tried to hit. I measured the length and thought it was 20, but somehow it now seems to be 25 after several rows are in. Nice and square on the sides, so my inital measure must have been off (guess the yarn stretched more than I thought it would). I can either go with 20x25, or 28x25, or try to figure out how to add an edging to get the 25 out to 28. Hmmmm decisions decisions, maybe I'll call and ask if they have a preference.
Anonymous said…
I've had that same kind of day. :-(

I'm ready to call a time out and run away from home.

Tomorrow has to be a better day, right? LOL
Life's a Stitch said…
Whenever I get the urge to sew I remind myself of the 2 hour pattern that took me 12 hours.
Jane said…
I've been in that particular circle of hell myself, so I know the feeling. Better luck next time.
aksunflour said…
Hope your machine doesn't require the treatment mine did last year. (repair place informed me that my machine was obsolete and I was in serious need of an upgrade).

I to have turned into a weekend blogger. Amazingly this week got 2 posts done!

Please remember to post sunny blue sky pics. (I need something to look at other than snow!) This is going to be one loooonnnng winter.

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