T is for


She is the least social of the group, but she is also the loudest purrer. I took this picture yesterday when she plopped down in front of me when I was taking my Saturday Sky.

Too Pooped

He hasn't been touched since August. I think I may have to pull this one out soon.


I love this store. Where else can you buy a set of brown sheets for $3.74??? They were being clearanced out and were the last of that color. #1 Son is VERY happy with his new sheets, and I'm thrilled with the price. I still spend too much money there, but it's mostly the clearanced stuff. Doing my part to stimulate this sagging economy.


SusieH said…
Tiger kittehs and Tarzhay clearance...I'm sad I'm not there!
stitcherw said…
Tiger is a cutie, and what a great poser he was for his picture. Too Pooped is such a fun project, but all the browns are a bit much at times, I can see why you'd need the breaks from it. Great buy on the sheets, and a perfect color for a boy. I don't have a Target near me, so rarely get to wander around inside and check out whatever specials they might have going.

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