To Hell and Back

For the most part, I'm an easy going person. I can roll with the punches; if things don't go the way I planned, I can adjust. However there are certain things that I'm very determined (read: stubborn) abt. Like sewing. I refuse to let a machine and a pattern be the downfall of me, esp a pattern that I've used a few times before. I decided I was going to take my time and figure out what was wrong. I'm not mechanically inclined so I wasn't sure if I could do it, but then I noticed I set the stitch length at ZERO! Well no wonder it wouldnt work!! I fixed my settings, pulled out the pieces of the pants and


here is a closer look at the pants

#1 Son loves them! He slept in them and wants me to make more. I REALLY wish they were a bit longer, but he doesn't seem to mind. Either way I got them done!! I'll wait until next Saturday to make the others. Who knows what words I'll be using then!

Saturday night I finished up this

It's a kitty blanket for the local shelter. I have a bag full of them now so it's time to take a trip up to see the animals and to give them the blankets. I'm glad to be getting these to them before it gets too cold at night.

Yarn used for this blanket is some Wal-Mart brand acrylic in variegated blues and the grey from the sweater I unravelled from my aunt (I believe it was Sayelle silver, but it looks like prison grey). The finished measurements are 23x29. I started it on 8/9/08 and finished it on 10/11/08.

As long as I have a cushy bed to sleep in, make them all the blankets you want!


SusieH said…
Love, love, love that fabric - it's wild!!!

And props to you for figuring out the problem with the machine :)
I can see why he loves the wild fabric! And I like that you're knitting for kittens. Or cats.

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