A Week in Pictures

In the past few days we did a project,

I have learned that #1 Son prefers very little help with his projects so while I may make the occasional suggestion, the ideas and work are his. As he gets older I am VERY grateful for this! The most I did with the diarama was take him to JoAnn's and suggest the green felt for the ground. The rest is his.

attended an Honor Society ceremony,

#1 Son's grades have been so good that he qualified for the school's Honor Society. Excuse me while I beam with pride. I took Baby Girl out of her class so she could be there to see him get his certificate. While he was proud of himself for qualifing for the Honor Society, he was THRILLED that he also qualified for a trip to Sea World at the end of the year.

and got to go to camp.

The school provides an educational camp that focuses on their writing skills. They make the learning fun plus they have bon fires and rope climbing.

#1 Son loves all the extra stuff he's been doing now that he's in the higher grades. Baby Girl can't wait until she can do the same things. I'm just thrilled that they are both excited abt learning and find math and reading fun.

So with all these extra things going on, along with the regular schedule of school, work and ballet, there has been no time for knitting, let alone blogging, reading blogs, Ravelry, etc. And we wont even discuss the state of the house or the huge pile of laundry I have waiting for me. Today has been a quiet day and all I've been doing is sitting in front of the computer playing solitaire on Pogo.com. They are having a free few days of their Club Pogo (that you normally have to pay for) which includes extra games and no commercials. It's very scary how addictive video games can be.

That being said, I *did* get a picture of my morning Saturday sky.

Not a bad temp for 7:45am. It's supposed to get up to 88, but I don't think we're going to get that warm. And tomorrow we expect a front to go thru which mean's we'll have a high of 80. WOOHOO!!!! Yes, still hotter than some of your summers, but delicious weather for us here.

I really need to sit down and figure out what we need from the grocery store, but let's get real. While I may throw in some laundry later today, I plan on ordering pizza and pulling out some project to work on. It *is* Saturday which means I may do some sewing, but I may just as easily pull out my Seasonal Autumn or work on a scarf. I have my sock, but I knit it too long in the foot which means ripping back to the right area. I HATE ripping out, but I esp hate ripping out and then having to put tiny stitches back on tinier needles. That may have to wait until tomorrow.

That is, if I can get off the computer long enough to pull anything out.


Anonymous said…
Congratulations to #1 Son. That rope thing looks like fun. Did you get to try it too?
SusieH said…
So many good things going on! I love the diorama, but [dare i ask] what the topic is? Looks like a rancher branding an animal to me [don't tell him if I am waaaay off].

That camp looks fab - very much like the week away that D's class goes on!!
stitcherw said…
Wow, he's done great, sounds like in addition to doing so well with the grades he's getting to do a lot of fun stuff too. That's great the school can reward them with such fun but still educational treats. Congrats too on finishing up both his pants and the cat mat in your earlier posting. The pants look quite comfy, and the mat looks like it will be a nice warm one for a cat to curl up on as well. Enjoy the pizza and I hope you get a bit of crafting time in, I'll look forward to seeing what you decide to work on.

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