Actual Progress Happening

So now that I have my camera back and I remembered to take pictures before it got too dark, I want to show the sock that I finished.

I did get some weird pooling around the ankle, but it isn't as pronounced in person as it is in the picture. I haven't cast on for the 2nd one yet, but I really need to. I don't like waiting too long because while I don't suffer from SSS, I DO suffer from a lack of memory and tend to forget what I did with the first one.

And here is my progress on my Seasonal Fall.



It's coming along, but obviously won't be done in time for this fall. Hopefully by next Oct it will be finished and framed.

On going projects still include my sweater, a couple of scarves, my section of a Warm Woolies OddBall Blanket and that 2nd sock. Stitchwise I want to pull out Too Pooped and work on him a bit. And then I'll probably pull out my seasonal Spring.

Projects requiring a sewing machine seem to take me the longest. I have so many ideas of what I want to do, but never seem to take the time to complete. I have fabric and patterns all set to go, but since it's not relaxing, it doesn't happen that often. Unless there is a deadline of an impending birth.

Projects involving my scrapbook supplies are even further on the list. I remember making a project list at the beginning of this year of all that I wanted to get done. I completed some of them, some got started but never completed, while others are still sitting in their bags. It WILL get done, it's just a matter of time. Plus its getting close to the end of the year so maybe when I go thru what I've done vs what I wanted to do, it will give me incentive to finish some things off.

Or at least to make a new list.


Dee said…
Next week you should get some stitching time. You're coming to stitch day, right?

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