Cold Fronts

There is a system to most cold fronts that come thru Florida. The first day is usually the coldest. The second day starts out cold, but by the afternoon its not bad and by the third day, its practically non existent. However when you have back to back cold fronts, on day 4 you wake up to this.

Days like this make me very happy that I have wool socks, but it also tells me I don't have enough of them. I really need to cast on for that second blue sock so that I have more than 3 to wear (the cotton and corn just aren't warm enough, and the other 2 wool socks are my first pathetic attempts at sock making).

Baby Girl doesn't understand why it's so cold! If it's this cold, then we should have snow. She is a true Florida girl!


aksunflour said…
oh wow! your temps were chilly. did you lose any of the orange crop? See your cooler temps effect Me. bet your kiddos didn't realize that we are very globally connected.

sadly enough your snowman looks like the one in our front yard. He is so pathetic that there are absolutely no pictures.

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