The Great Pickle Experiment

A long, long time ago, (in the late 80s) the IO came across this article in a science magazine that showed you how to make a pickle glow. He thought it was the coolest thing and decided to try it. He was right, it WAS really cool! However it made my house smell like burnt pickle, of which *I* wasn't too fond of.

Four years ago, he's been threatening telling the teachers he would do this in class. For one reason or another he's be unable to get there. Well that day finally came. Today the IO will go into #1 Son's class and make a pickle glow.

What IS the great pickle experiment? I will show you in pictures, however.....


This blog takes no responsibility for experiments gone awry and/or burnt pickles smells in your laboratory/house.

I'd like to say that no pickles were harmed in this experiment, but I can't. Let's just say they sacrificed themselves for the advancement of science.

Ok now that I've gotten my disclaimers out of the way here we go.

First find a pickle. Since I am not the pickle scientist I don't know if certain pickles glow better than others. Stick electrodes into each side.

Flip the switch.

Pretty cool huh? Depending on where you stick the electrodes makes it either glow or will give you a crackling strobe light effect.

The IO. Off to dazzle some elementary school kids with some cool scientific smelliness.


Dee said…
Ummmmmm...wait a minute. Now WHERE did I leave those spare electrodes?

Oh yeah, that's right...we don't HAVE any electrodes.

Do you know A LOT of people with electrodes at their house????? LOL
SusieH said…
That is SO cool!!!
Jane said…
Well, that's something I've never even considered before. Definitely cool!
KSee said…
What a great, if smelly, experiment.

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