Sunday, November 02, 2008

Insanity Has Struck

Every year I see people join NaBloPoMo and every year I think I will join too. But I never do. I think I'll never be able to post abt something every single day. I was thinking abt it again this year, but totally forgot abt it until today. When I saw it on Susie's blog. So what do I do? I JOIN! I must be insane since I decide to join when I'm at my all time low of posting AND I already missed a day. However I will view this as a challenge and see if I can do this. I may have to do a few posts in advance and utilize blogger magic to post them on specific days, but if I plan on doing this, then I will need all the help I can get!

And in an effort to make up for the missed entry from yesterday, I will blog abt my Saturday sky later on today.

So fellow inmates, you will either be entertained thoroughly this month or bored to tears. I'm hoping I hit somewhere in the middle.

Nope, its not up here. When was the last time you remember using your common sense?


SusieH said...

Go, Lynn!!

You can do it - it's nice even if we only post "more than usual" instead of every day, IMO.

Dee said...

Go Lynn! You can do eeeeeeet!