I don't know abt you, but November is a busy month. People are in the stores planning parties and dinners. People are stressing abt what to get/make/buy for somebody they barely know. Now while we tend to keep things low key here at Happy Acres, I still have kids and volunteering and a part time job and the IO and a bunch of other things in the mix. So why is it that Blogland (and its counterparts) tend to make THIS the month where you do something crazy. Like blog everyday. Or write a complete story during the month. OR (which is the craziest to me) knit a sweater in a month! (suddenly my daily blogging for November doesn't seem that bad).

Personally, I think February would be a better month for it. First of all, it's the shortest month of the year; blogging every day would end sooner! But it's also one of the coldest of the year, great incentive to get that sweater done. And with everybody depressed, what a great way to work thru it by getting your feelings out on paper.

Doesn't that just make more sense?

Meanwhile, here's a picture reminiscent of Where's Waldo.
Where's Princess?

Scraping the bottom of the barrel for pictures, huh?


Bridget said…
I agree with you! February is a month when most people are staying put anyway, so they would probably love a "project" for that time.

BTW, I loved your Switzerland comment that you left on my blog. I laughed out loud!
aksunflour said…
all right I am all up to date on your blog. Wow you have been talkative lately.

Baby girl was so CUTE! The pickle thing I just got to try- now to find the electrodes (DH hid them on me- cause me and tools are a BAD thing).

And what does NaBloPoMo mean exaclty?

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