While we all strive to be organized, as crafters, it's especially hard to do. Where do we keep all of our knitting needles? Do we have a spot that will hold all of our stamping supplies? What abt all the brads we use in our scrapbook pages? And the thread? How do we store it w/o having a tangled mess the next time we need it? It doesn't matter what your medium is, if you are a crafter or a hobbyist, there is STUFF to organize.

Susie has been listing a few sites that have great ideas on how to organize our stuff. One of the places she mentioned was FlyLady. I get the daily emails from Fly Lady, and while I delete most of them, one of the suggestions that is mentioned often is the 15 min rule. You can do anything for 15 min. This is VERY true for me. I can walk into a trashed kitchen, set the timer for 15 min and get started. Even if all I do is unload and reload the dishwasher, that gets rid of the majority of the mess in the kitchen. Much easier to accomplish than if I just look at all that has to be done.

Basically its a mind game for housewives.

Another blogless friend of mine is in constant search of that perfect organizer. She has a TON of organizers, but doesn't seem to have the time to organize. In fact she got this really great antique post office cubby. In the cubbies she has these glass jars to hold all of her small scrapbooking pieces. Meanwhile all of the pieces are sitting in bags behind her desk. Once she is done, it will be beautiful! Of course its now finding the time to do it all.

Me, well I like my plastic bins. My plastic bins hold fabric, yarn, on going quilts, quilts that will eventually be on going, cross stitch fabric, floss, stamping supplies, magazines, etc. Of course I have more stuff than plastic bins and because of this my crafting table has been sitting in my living room for abt 2 years now.

I don't go that wild with organizational magazines, but I did buy one called Studios. It has all kinds of great ideas of how to store our STUFF, plus it has a cat on the front that looks like Hemi. Check out the link. I'm only a quarter way thru, but I'm finding it interesting as to what people use to store their STUFF in. And while I can't drop $60,000 to close in the back porch to make my own studio, some of the smaller ideas she uses I can utilize in my small space.

The suggestion that made me LOL? Storing IN-THE-ROUND knitting needles in a hat box. While this suggestion is a good one, I want to know if this is a British thing to say or if the person is a non knitter. Most of the time these are referred to as circular needles. Anybody know?

And while I crave organization, even when I get a bit of it, it's the keeping-it-that-way that is the hardest. So while there are some of you that can get and STAY organized, I know there are a LOT of you that struggle with the same issues as me. And I'm in good company!


SusieH said…
Amen, sister!

Love that idea for in-the-round needles :) Never heard the term, even over here, though!
Jennifer said…
I love the Fly Lady! I have an old-fashioned mind trick I play on myself - I always rush around and tidy up before my husband gets home. It's quite an event. I also swear by the clean sink rule. Good luck!
aksunflour said…
LOL the fly lady is awesome (bit overwhelming though).

Fascinating about storing needles in the round. But in the end it is just another box to be placed in the stack. Now a good old fashioned steamer trunk... that would be the ultimate storage container.

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