Politically Free Zone

Most blogs today will be talking abt the election of the new President of the United States. Not me. I write a politically neutral blog. Instead I plan on posting abt the ABC Along.

U is for.......


People, the letter U is HARD! I have no yarn that starts with U. I have no pictures that start with U. So we will rely on Google to fulfill this letter.


What does it make you think of first?

Tiny Bubbles?

or tiptoeing thru the tulips??


U is also for uvula and upchuck, but I'll spare you the pictures. However I'm sure you'll be seeing a few people upchuck if their candidate doesn't win. Film at 11.


Vivian said…
It's a breath of fresh air to come to a politically free zone. (so don't look at mine today!)

Umbrella makes me think of rain, the crisp air and the smell of forest. lovely.
SusieH said…
Oh, DEFINITELY Tiny Tim. Stayed up all night to watch the "show." It's 5:30 AM and I am napping for an hour before I wake the kids. McCain gave what was the nicest concession speech I have ever heard, and I've been an election junkie since I started voting. Obama's speech was VERY moving, and I happen to find him generally a dull, dull speaker. I think it's the midwest accent. I hear he's much more inspirational if you hear him in person, though. :) Not likely here!

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