Saturday Sky

So while some of you are freezing cold or under cloudy skies, I will brighten your day a bit and let you live vicariously in Florida.

Of course this comes with a price. See what's not that far away?

*they* say it won't hit us, but until it goes away, I am keeping an eye on it.

Since some of our nights have been getting into the 50s, I decided its time to take a trip to our local animal shelter. Here is my bag-o-goodies for them.

You can read specifics here, here and here.

This one

was given to me by an aunt who bought it for a buck at a yard sale.

And this one

was actually some fleece I got at JoAnn's many moons ago. It was a remnant that I got at a great price and planned on adding it to a baby gift basket, but once I opened it I realized that the pattern was blurry. I've been debating on what to do with it ever since, and have decided that the best place for it will be the shelter.

While I was pulling out the kitty blankets, I came across my bag of charity projects so I decided to take a group picture and mail them out to Warm Woolies on Monday.

If you want to read specifics, either click on the charity link at the end of this post or just ask. (I'm being lazy and don't want to search for all 5 of them). There is one that I haven't blogged abt yet, and it's this one.

This is another one of the vest patterns from Warm Woolies and it knit up really fast. I started it on 10/29 and finished it on 11/1. Three days, not a bad deal! I used up 3 different red yarns I got off eBay, then added some sock yarn to give the neck line some interest.

See? I AM still a knitting blog! I also finished off a sock and did some cross stitching today, but will post abt that later in the week. Gotta save SOME stuff if I want to try and do NaBloPoMo.


Dee said…
Looks like you had a pretty busy weekend pulling stuff together. I'm sure the kitties will appreciate the new snuggle-rugs.
SusieH said…
That's a LOT of knit content - go, you!

Hope that swirlie thing stays away from your neck of the woods. And my sister's...
stitcherw said…
Oooohhh, all kinds of lovelies to look at, after I got done groaning at your temperature that is (as I'm sitting here looking at snow coming down). You've got quite a bit of goodies that you'll be sending off. Hope the hurricane stays away from your area, maybe snow isn't so bad.

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