Saturday Sky

It may be the middle of November, but it feels like the beginning of May. Here is my local sky and temp.

It may read barely 80, but it's definitely hotter than that! Plus the humidity is high so it feels warmer.

We have a front going thru which will bring our weather from the mid 80s to the mid 60s in 24 hours flat. See?

So I'll have the a/c on today and the heat on tomorrow. Gotta love Florida winters!

With all this cold weather looming, I *should* be whipping up some more sleep pants for the kids and pulling out the sweater so that I can get it done in time for the next couple of days, but when it feels like beach weather, it's hard to have incentive to work on flannel and wool. And for all of you laughing at me (don't think that I don't hear you!) and calling me wimpy with our cold weather coming thru tomorrow, keep in mind this is a 20 degree drop. That's like going from 40 to 20. Trust me, you DO feel it. Just ask all the northern transplants that move here!

Last night we had a night time shuttle lift off and I was SO looking forward to watching it light up my night sky. Unfortunately while the sky above the Cape was clear, mine was not so I don't have a good shot of it going up. Instead I'll show you a picture that was posted on Drudge.

Isn't it gorgeous?!? It still bugs me that we've lived here for so long and have yet to go when they have a lift off. We WILL get out there one of these days.

For now I think I'll go play with some fabric and see what wants to be made first.


Dee said…
You had better make that trip to the Cape soon. There aren't many more shuttle flights left. I think they said five last night on the news.

You can see photos from my yard on my blog, but they aren't near as spectacular as that Drudge shot.
SusieH said…
Happy sewing time!

Love that shuttle pic - thanks for passing it along to us :)
Susan said…
I am totally cracking up at your weather comments!! You turn the heat on when the weather goes down to the mid-60's!?!! Here in Canada we don't usually turn on the heat until there are several nights of frost or until it snows. When the temps are in the mid-60's we're still wearing shorts and sandals. Too funny how conditioned we are to our climates!

Love the shuttle pic!
Jane said…
I've always wanted to see a night launch. That photo is fabulous! And I didn't know there were so few takeoffs left. That's sad. It's finally cold here, and I'm already regretting saying I wish it would not be so hot.
stitcherw said…
I'm looking at your temperature, remembering the cold here yesterday and currently watching it snowing again (it was snowing this morning and then stopped for a bit but is starting again now) and really wondering why I'm still in Michigan, I like your weather so much better than mine, or at least most of the time, the hurricanes I could do without. At least this weekend I'm not raking in the snow. As to your question on the leaves, some can stay on the ground through the winter, but if there are to many they don't breakdown well and kind of make a damp sufficating mat over the grass and can kill the grass underneath if sit all winter. So...sometimes raking in snow occurs (as long as it is mostly a light dusting).

The shuttle picture looked stunning, it is a shame it wasn't visable from your area. I can see why it would be fun to see in person. Your seasonal fall piece is looking lovely, and the blue sock was so pretty. Good luck getting its mate started up and then finished. With the cooler temps coming your way you'll be able to use them soon.

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