Slow Boat to China

Finally with our cooler weather, I had incentive to pull out some flannel. I haven't made any sleep pants for Baby Girl in 3 years so it was her turn. I pulled out the Barbie flannel that we've had for a LONG time, found the pattern I wanted to use, and whipped up these babies! (click to get a better look)

*whipped up*. Yeah right. Those simple sleep pants took me abt 5 hours to do! I am SO slow when it comes to sewing. Do I have enough fabric? What abt this pattern? Do I still have the size I need? Or was it cut away? Do I have the right elastic? When I finally get the chance to pin it out, I get so many helpers. Then of course the bobbin needs to be refilled. The important thing is that I finished them in time for Baby Girl to sleep in them. I have to say, they are really soft too. They are a bit big, but hopefully that means she'll get to wear them thru March, plus I added a lot of extra fabric in the hem so if I need to let some out, I can.

I want to make them both another pair soon, but I need to hit JoAnn's for some more elastic. What I thought was a couple of yards of elastic ended up being a couple of yards of velcro.


Jane said…
Elastic - Velcro There's a difference?? hee hee But really, cute pants! And cute kid, too.
Dee said…
Uh, yeah Jane....velcro is SCRATCHY!!!! Wouldn't want to sleep near THAT! LOL

I can't believe how much baby girl is getting to look like her Mama!!!
Sandie Knapp said…
VERY nice, and catch that pose!!! haha

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