Stitching Day

Today was our monthly group stitching day and we had a nice turnout!

From the left we have Allison, Kathy, me, Vicky, Pat, Dee and Deb. While I didn't buy anything this time around, I did get a chance to work on my snowman. And as usual we had a ton of fun harrassing the owner of Needle Orts, and of course each other!

Here's what my snowman looked like back in October

and then after today

I'm making progress, but it is slow. Since this is the only project that requires glasses and a bright light source, it doesn't get worked on that often. Plus the looking over and then looking thru the glasses will eventually give me a headache if I work on it too long. But it is winter and I'd like to get him done soon. Once the snowman himself is done, the rest will be fairly easy. It's just long running stitches and a few small things here and there to add.

I did buy some elastic at JoAnn's so look for some more sleep pants by the end of the wknd.


SusieH said…
Well done! THe thing about cross stitch is that progress DOES seem so slow, especially on a superdetailed pattern like this one. He's coming along, though!
stitcherw said…
What fun, I wish I had a stitch group to hang with. Nice progress on the Snowman too, much more season appropriate than my Joyful Summer, LOL.

The Barbie sleep pants looked so cute. A little big is good, room to grow and room to move around in. With the colder temps moving in sounds like perfect timing. Good luck finishing up the warmer socks, I think the warmer temps are waving goodbye for awhile.

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