Sunday Reconnection brought to you by the letter W

Who'da thunk that the downfall of my NaBloPoMo would be a bad internet connection? My access went down Friday afternoon and I didn't get it back until late yesterday. Now I guess if I had some entries set up to post in case I couldn't come up with something, there would never have been a missed day, but in the grand scheme of life, I'm sure we all survived. And I will take this as my opportunity to still post often, but not kill myself to post everyday. Which of course means I'll come up with all kinds of ideas!

And while I'm trying to organize my pictures from our Saturday hike, I'll leave you with this:

W is for Wool

The only 3 pairs of wool socks that I really wear.


Anonymous said…
Up here in the bitter cold we get to wear our woolly socks for several months of the year. We got lucky today. It actually reached 30ºF. Much better than yestday's 21ºF. :)

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