A sure sign of getting old

They say you know you are old when the latest music or trends make no sense to you. I think I might be there.

A few friends of mine have accts on places like My Space, Facebook, Tagged, etc, with a ton more constantly being invented. I've been tagged and poked and had virtual things thrown at me, and while I *sort of* get it, I really don't. I know there is a main area to post things, but you don't write long stuff on it. Just a couple of lines and move on. I guess if you have more to say you email privately? But why keep it private when you show off the pictures you took at some festival where you are stinking drunk or barely dressed?? I guess this is the new version of clubbing. I never liked that either.

Maybe I'm not so much old, I'm just old-FASHIONED. Yes, lets go with that!

As far as any projects getting done, I'm slowing working my way thru a scarf and I'm abt 1/2 way thru my part of a Warm Woolies Odd Ball blanket. I worked a bit more on my sweater, but ripped out all but a row because I forgot a y/o, and I started the 2nd sock that's been sitting for a long time. I'll post pictures of those soon.

And while I haven't been buying much lately, I have been window shopping at some on line stores. Apparently Malagribo has a new sock yarn out. If its as soft as their worsted weight, it's got to be wonderful! And Crystal Palace has a new sock yarn out to be similar to the Noro yarn. It's got those long color repeats like Noro, but without the scratchiness. I think #103 is my favorite. I think I need to add them to the sock yarns I want to try. That list is getting almost as long as what I already have!

I'll leave you with Hemi's version of staying warm during the chilly days we've been having.

Nothing like the Florida sun to chase away the chills!


SusieH said…
I get ya about the MySpace/Facebook thing...I am on both, but never "on" if you know what I mean. But people can ping me from there and it shows up in my in-box for regular email, where I deal with everything :)
Anonymous said…
I agree -- 103 is the prettiest.

Man...I'm so sorry I missed the rip out. You know how I love me a good rip fest!
Jane said…
I don't get it either. Or that whole Twitter thing, too. Looks like a pretty day in your area. It's nice here so far, but rain is looming.
stitcherw said…
I'm with you, I don't get all the myspace/facebook/etc.. either. But then, I really don't have the interest in trying to understand it either, so that's probably part of it. I'll stick with blogger, I can write real entries, post pictures, and keep up with the friends I've made so I'm covered.

Good luck with keeping up with all your projects, sounds like you have several. The new yarns sound lovely. Even though all I'm doing are cat mats and the occational washcloth, I've managed to accumuate three very large totes full of yarn already. Kind of scary in a way, at this rate I'll need a room for my stitching and a room for my yarns, me and the critters are going to run out of space, LOL. Hemi looks very comfy, mine have been hanging out in a sunbeam today too.

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