TV Time

I ain't gonna lie abt it, we watch a lot of tv here. A LOT! We have DVR on our dish which I LOVE! This way I can program to tape all of the new Grey's Anatomy or every single Full House shown. This comes in handy when I come across a new show that I want to catch up on. My new favorite show? Whatever, Martha.

Do you remember watching Martha build her own compost bin using scraps of wood from her sycamore tree? Or when she had a tea party and she hollowed out a lemon and filled it with honey from her very own bee hive? You know, the shows that made you want to barf. Well these shows have been given to her daughter Alexis and her and her friend tear the shows apart. OMG it is hysterical!!!! I don't let the kids watch it with me because there are times they use grown up references that I prefer NOT to explain, but it is some good mindless tv! Does anybody remember the series Mystery Science Theatre 3000? It's the same type of thing, except this time you have the daughter of the host heckling her mom. Sounds offensive to Martha, but since she is executive producing it, I don't think she really minds. Some of the comments I've read abt the show say its boring or dry or just plain offensive to mock her, but it makes me laugh every time, even if it includes an occasional cringe.

And good news, my camera is back!!! This means I'll be able to show pics of my finished sock and take funny new pictures of my cats. I've been working on scarves, but I can't show those yet. Hopefully soon.

Meanwhile, this is Lucy's take on my daily blogging.....


Anonymous said…
Glad to see all the daily hub-bub of blogging is not bothering the cat. LOL

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