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This was taken in 1985 in the Observatory Room of the World Trade Center. It was really wild how high we were and how little everything else seemed.

Even the shadows were bigger than life.

A few years later my sister and I got to go on the OUTSIDE deck (something that wasn't open very often due to weather). It's a bit freaky to think how those buildings are no longer standing, but I'm so happy to have had the experience I did.


SusieH said…
That's pretty darn neat! I vividly remember visiting a friend of the family who lives way downtown in NYC when I was little, and looking out the window at the WTC towers being built...
Vivian said…
These are incredible pictures, and very sad to think about what happened.

V is for Vivian :-)
Life's a Stitch said…
In high school I watched the WTC's being built. They scared me because there was so much glass. I was expecting something stone like the empire State Bldg. Never had the nerve to go up them. What a view, though.

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