X, Y & Z

X is for:


We took this of #1 Son at Epcot in the now defunct Wonders of Life Pavilion. You can tell this was awhile ago since he could barely reach the top with his tiptoes. I think he was 4.

Y is for:


No surprise here.

Z is for:

Zebra at the Zoo

This was taken at the Miami Metro Zoo abt 21 years ago. See how much younger and thinner we were???

So that wraps up my ABC Along for the year. While it was fun, I don't see myself doing it again in 2009. Kind of like Project Spectrum, once it's done, the novelty of it is gone as well. Who knows what 2009 will bring. With only 5 weeks left in the year (less than I originally thought), I've been looking thru what I accomplished project-wise and soon I'll be doing a year in review. I also have 3 projects I haven't shown yet, but I want to wait until they are mailed out before I post abt them.


SusieH said…
Applauding wildly for your finish!!

Love the retro-pic of you two. Boy, the resemblance between dad and son is obvious from that picture, especially!

Happy Thanksgiving...
Anonymous said…
Whoooooeeee...look at that 80's hair!!!! LOL

You guys made a very cute couple (still do).

Happy Thanksgiving!
stitcherw said…
Congrats on getting all the way through the ABC's, that was quite a challenge. I really enjoyed seeing what all you came up with. Looking forward to seeing your finishes when you can post them. Also, I tagged you for the the 6 things list. I didn't remember seeing that one on your blog, but so many of them have gone around please ignore it if you did it before.

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