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The Year in Review

First of all, how in the world is it the last day of the year?!?!?! I'm watching The Today Show this AM and they are showing different segments of what's gone on during the past year. How is it that so much can happen in one year and yet feel like it flew by? Yes time does go faster the older you get. My grandmother used to say that all the time. She also used to say "we'll cross that bridge when we come to it". I HATED when she said that because it just prolonged telling me whether or not I could do something. Well Baby Girl was asking me abt Middle School (remember she is only 6). Will I get to go on field trips? Will I get to my locker before I'm late to class? Will it be too hard for me? Will it be scary? I told her not to worry and that we would cross that bridge when we get to it.


My defense is that I was REALLY tired when I said it. And I guess the fact that I had kids for 10 years before I said it counts for something. Right…

I'm Dreaming of a White

sandy beach!!!! While 50% of the country was covered in snow last week, we headed south to visit some friends vacationing in Islamorada. Here's the view from the condo we stayed in.

Our friends were also our hosts and since we were there at the end of their trip, it was our responsibility to help them eat the rest of the food in the fridge. Let's just say we ate very well for the next couple of days!

As you can imagine, the weather was beautiful, warm with a breeze. Since it was 5 o'clock somewhere, we needed to start the vacation off right!

The beach on the property was more rocky than I'd like, but that didn't stop everybody.

However the next day we went to a beach that was your typical sandy goodness.

Normally it cost $10 for the day, but it was one of the perks of staying at the condo they were in. It was a nice beach where you could snorkel since there was sea life around you, but it wasn't very deep. The deepest part came up to Baby Girl's waist.


Love/Hate relationship with computers

I've gotten so used to having a computer that when it goes down, I feel a bit lost. If I'm on vacation, I'm ok, but when I'm at home, the computer is my diversion from laundry, cleaning, and kids at home. So when my computer crashed Saturday night, I wasn't sure when I'd get back on. Thanks to the magic that is my husband (the insanity works BOTH ways), he was not only able to fix the computer BUT also retain the hard drive so that I didn't lose anything. Shoutout to the IO!!!!

So let's get caught up. I finished off the scarf for my sil so I'm now getting a box together to send out to her. I'm sending her 2 hats for my niece and a scarf for her. I have another scarf finished and another in the works for my other sil and niece that will probably be sent out by the new year. These care packages aren't for the holidays so there is no stress to get to the post office today. I'll probably send them when we visit our friends down in th…

If the Price is Right

Remember my post from my last trip to Michael's where I lamented the sock yarn?? The price is normally $5.99 a skein and when I was there it was on sale for $4/skein. At that time I thought it wasn't all that nice looking and wouldn't bother buying any of the striping ones. Well apparently that changes when they drop the price to $2.99/skein. Yep, at that price I will give those colors another chance!!! While I was debating what to get, the rugrats decided which ones THEY wanted!

For #1 Son:

For Baby Girl:

I also picked up a couple of beige and black, colors that can be added to any left over sock yarn to get another pair of socks out of, even if I only have enough for heels and toes. Gotta be thrify in these times!

And while we WERE being thrifty, I still helped out the economy today and spent more than expected. I always do when I have the rugrats with me. Plus we have started our winter break and I will need the extra projects to keep them busy for the next couple…

A Visit to the Frog Pond

I'm not one to rip things back. If I make a mistake, I will look at it and think abt how bad it really is. Will the average person notice it? If not, then I usually leave it alone. I did that with one of the scarves I'm working on. I didn't realize that I was off a couple of stitches so some of my twisted stitches look like Moss stitches. I finished that scarf and unless I really look for it, you can't see it, which means nobody will ever notice it. However when I'm working on a project that I'm just not enjoying, I'll try to slog my way thru it for a bit, but if I'm really not enjoying it, out it comes.

Case in point

This is one of the scarves I'm working on. I'm using a pattern that is supposed to give you a wavy feel. Do you see one? I don't. Even when I do a close up picture of it

I still need to outline the wavy pattern. This scarf is too much work for something I have to point out. So I did what Dee is famous for, I ripped …

How to stay warm

The feline way:

In a cozy drawer

Curled up in a warm blanket

Sunggle with a friend

The human way:

Sit in front of a warm fire

OR just move to Florida. These pictures were taken in the beginning of Dec when it was in the 40s. Today we expect a high of 78. This is what the rest of the country expects to feel......(click to actually SEE the wind chill numbers)

I HONESTLY don't know how y'all do it.

Y'all. I must truly be a southerner now. I never said y'all when I lived in Miami. I used to say oy vey.

Slow it down!

It can't POSSIBLY be the end of the year already. Where did the time go? Didn't I just post abt going to the Tropicana on New Year's Eve to dance the night away? And yet in a little over 2 weeks we'll be doing it again. Hmmmm. Where did the year go? I think I'm still stuck in October.

This coming week is the last week before Winter break here at Happy Acres. We have some friends visiting the Keys soon and I need to sit down and plan a trip down to meet them. If we make the drive down, do we stop along the way to see sights? Should I be a tourist in my own state? Part of me says yes, but when you've grown up in the area and been to a lot of places during field trips, where do we go? Then again I may just find a good deal on a hotel and veg out by the pool.

Still no pictures of knitted items. I'm going to work some more on the scarf and then post pictures with a warning ahead of it. I'm getting really close to finishing it, one skein left and it's done!

I'm starting to slip........

So I go to the post office yesterday to mail out my box to Warm Woolies and another box to the next person on the list for the Snowflakes Odd Ball blanket. I wait in line behind 10 people and its finally my turn. I hand the first box to the guy and he starts to process it, stops and looks at me. He then holds it up to ask me what was wrong with this picture. I look at the box and it takes me a second before I realize that I'm missing the main address. I have my return address and the name of the swap on the bottom, but I'm missing who I'm sending it to. What makes this worse is that I'd been looking at this package the whole time I'm in line. I forgot to add my new cat stamp on it and I'm mad at myself for forgetting it. I notice the missing cat stamp, but NOT THE SENDER'S ADDRESS!

I'm not sure if I should be worried.

The one thing I didn't forget is my sky.

It's 64 degrees outside and really a beautiful day. I plan on getting outside …

I got my mother's eyes

When I was a little girl, all my mother had to do was just look at me if I was doing something wrong and I would stop. People used to tease my mom that she must beat me in order for me to be so obedient. She didn't. All I needed was that disapproving look from Mom and I knew I needed to straighten up. Apparently I have inherited that quality. We've been having all kinds of company and on Saturday #1 Son was just SO wired with excitement with his friends. My sister was trying to calm him down, but he just couldnt contain himself. I leaned back and gave him a look. He saw me and instantly stopped. This only lasted for abt 5 minutes before he was jumping around the house again, but I got five minutes and it reminded me of my mom. Gotta love that *look*!

I also got all of her needles after she passed away and she is the reason I knit today. I haven't been posting much progress because a lot of what I'm doing will be a surprise and I don't want to ruin it. Ho…

Title free zone

In anticipation of having company out tomorrow, I've been trying to finish up some projects around the house. Sure enough, this is also the week that I end up getting sick. Not sure what it is, head cold most likely, but it's enough to zap my energy. So today as I'm working from one room to another, I'm also making out a Honey Do list for tomorrow. This way the IO won't be bored while I make the turkey!

Since I have nothing to show and tell you, I will answer a meme that StitcherW tagged me with last week.

The rules are as follows:
1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write six random things about yourself.
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6. Let the tagger know your entry is up.

Now the 6 random things about myself:

1. I think I'm addicted to all things with a monitor. If I'm not watching TV, then I'm on the computer.

2. This is why…

Sock Yarn at the Big Box Stores

If you read my post from yesterday, I bought very little yarn. If you've read this blog for any length of time, you will know I love to knit socks and collect sock yarn. With that in mind let me step up on my soap box......

When I was in Michael's, I noticed they had some Kroy sock yarn on sale. Can I tell you they had some of the ugliest colors?!!? I think they had abt 9 different colorways, 6 of which were self striping. I wish I had my camera because these were some really sad looking colors. They did have plain cream, grey and black which is good if you wanted to make some plain socks or if you like to change up the heels and toes, but I had NO desire to buy any of it. That being said, I'm happy to see that at least some sock yarn is being sold in the store. However, this yarn needs to be knit with either a size 1 or *maybe* a size 2 needle. What was the smallest needle size they sold in the store? A size 3. Why sell the books and yarn if you don't carry all the sup…

Just Doin' My Part

It has been busy here at Happy Acres. We tend to buck the system and NOT do turkey on Thanksgiving so in reality, my Thursday was rather low key. However we had friends visiting on Friday and we didn't get home until late. The guys grilled by the pool (remember this IS Florida) and us girls cooked the rest of the food while drinking wine and catching up. The young kids played Wii and the teens watched a movie. A fun time was had by all.

After being so busy on Friday, I planned on just taking it easy Saturday. I don't usually go shopping the wknd after Thanksgiving because it's a zoo at the stores. The only time I consider it is when Joann's has their good flannel on sale for a buck a yard or when I want to get one of their craft tables. Between the great price plus the 20% off the total amt, it's worth it. I just go prepared to wait in line for a LONG time. However this year I didn't feel the urge to go. That all changed when my friend Karen called t…