How to stay warm

The feline way:

In a cozy drawer

Curled up in a warm blanket

Sunggle with a friend

The human way:

Sit in front of a warm fire

OR just move to Florida. These pictures were taken in the beginning of Dec when it was in the 40s. Today we expect a high of 78. This is what the rest of the country expects to feel......(click to actually SEE the wind chill numbers)

I HONESTLY don't know how y'all do it.

Y'all. I must truly be a southerner now. I never said y'all when I lived in Miami. I used to say oy vey.


stitcherw said…
Fun Kitty pictures, they do find cosy spots to curl up and nap. I just turned the heat up a bit, so two of mine are curled up in front of the heat vent, and the third is on top of a cushioned stool that just happens to be in a sun beam at the moment. Idiot dog however seems to be quite happy laying out in the snow. I think she's a changling, only one in the family that likes the cold and snow. :)

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