I got my mother's eyes

When I was a little girl, all my mother had to do was just look at me if I was doing something wrong and I would stop. People used to tease my mom that she must beat me in order for me to be so obedient. She didn't. All I needed was that disapproving look from Mom and I knew I needed to straighten up. Apparently I have inherited that quality. We've been having all kinds of company and on Saturday #1 Son was just SO wired with excitement with his friends. My sister was trying to calm him down, but he just couldnt contain himself. I leaned back and gave him a look. He saw me and instantly stopped. This only lasted for abt 5 minutes before he was jumping around the house again, but I got five minutes and it reminded me of my mom. Gotta love that *look*!

I also got all of her needles after she passed away and she is the reason I knit today. I haven't been posting much progress because a lot of what I'm doing will be a surprise and I don't want to ruin it. However I did finish up the latest Warm Woolies Odd Ball blanket. This one is called Snowflakes.

I used up some Red Heart Blue and TLC Grey. I love the way these guys are so quick to do; we each do abt 6 inches worth of knitting and pass it along to the next person in line. No muss, no fuss.

I'm trying to finish up one more scarf so that I can send that along with some hats to complete one box, and I have another scarf that is trying to get done as well to add to another box. Add fringe to an already completed scarf and I'll be good to go.


Anonymous said…
At our house that's called "giving somebody the stink-eye".

I can do it. Stephen can too!
Jacki said…
Haha, my 1st graders can tell you ALL about "the look"!
stitcherw said…
I know that look, my grandmother had it down pat. I don't think I quite mastered it though. DD would know when she was getting it, but never seemed to be very impressed, LOL. Good luck finishing the scarf and getting everything sent out. Hopefully you're over your cold you noted in your last post (fun 6 facts, I think I may be hooked on monitors too, LOL).

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