If the Price is Right

Remember my post from my last trip to Michael's where I lamented the sock yarn?? The price is normally $5.99 a skein and when I was there it was on sale for $4/skein. At that time I thought it wasn't all that nice looking and wouldn't bother buying any of the striping ones. Well apparently that changes when they drop the price to $2.99/skein. Yep, at that price I will give those colors another chance!!! While I was debating what to get, the rugrats decided which ones THEY wanted!

For #1 Son:

For Baby Girl:

I also picked up a couple of beige and black, colors that can be added to any left over sock yarn to get another pair of socks out of, even if I only have enough for heels and toes. Gotta be thrify in these times!

And while we WERE being thrifty, I still helped out the economy today and spent more than expected. I always do when I have the rugrats with me. Plus we have started our winter break and I will need the extra projects to keep them busy for the next couple of weeks. Oh and guess what I saw while looking thru the yarn section? On an end cap attached to those plastic strip thingies one row away from the rest of the needles were some Clover dpns! They had some size 2s (2.75mm) so it would be possible to knit up some socks with the Kroy yarn. I still prefer my 2.50mm, but these are definitely usable!

Not only did we hit Michael's today, but we also went to the library, went to the mall AND went to the movies (do you think we peaked too soon?!!?) We saw Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. If you liked the first one, you'll like this one as well. I like the references and music from other movies (like Airplane! and West Side Story). It was entertaining and worth the matinee price I paid.

I've already warned the kids I need to work around the house tomorrow. I haven't been home much this week. Wednesday I worked in the afternoon, but in the morning I got to help out in Baby Girl's classroom. They were making gingerbread houses and I'm SO glad I showed up! Imagine a room full of 6 y/os using royal icing to glue candy onto a vertical graham cracker house with only 3 adults to help! They actually did a great job, much better than I expected, but we were definitely needed with set up and especially clean up! Royal icing ground into commercial carpet ain't a pretty site! But this is what makes it all worthwhile.

On Thursday (after much debating) I met up with my stitching group. I wasn't sure I was going to make it, I have SO much that needs to be done around here, but then I realized I always have that stuff to do, and I only get to meet up with the girls once a month. I ended up knitting on my scarf (even though I brought Too Pooped) and have abt 5 inches done. I really want to get a lot done this wknd because while it's been warm here, it's NOT warm where it's going, which is pretty much the rest of the country.

Hope you are staying warm where ever you might be. Come back tomorrow when I'll be sharing some of my warm Florida sunshine.


Jennifer said…
Great sock yarn find! I took my youngest to see Madagascar II and now I keep singing "I like 'em big. I like 'em chunky, chunky!" It really made me laugh. Finally - your daughter's smile with her gingerbread house is priceless!
Anonymous said…
We're glad you made it to stitch group too. It's not the same without you.

The gingerbread house turned out very cute.

I've volunteered at Maxey Elementary and Wheatley to do gingerbread houses, but we didn't have the milk cartons underneath. We had a few buildings collapse. The milk cartons are a great idea.
stitcherw said…
I like the sock colors, and you got a great deal. Fun pictures of the Gingerbread House creation in progress too. I can see why some extra help would have come in very useful for that class project. The end result was great, she looks so pleased with herself, I'll bet all the kids were thrilled.
aksunflour said…
the pink sock yarn is delightful!

so is the gingerbread house.

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