I'm Dreaming of a White

sandy beach!!!! While 50% of the country was covered in snow last week, we headed south to visit some friends vacationing in Islamorada. Here's the view from the condo we stayed in.

Our friends were also our hosts and since we were there at the end of their trip, it was our responsibility to help them eat the rest of the food in the fridge. Let's just say we ate very well for the next couple of days!

As you can imagine, the weather was beautiful, warm with a breeze. Since it was 5 o'clock somewhere, we needed to start the vacation off right!

The beach on the property was more rocky than I'd like, but that didn't stop everybody.

However the next day we went to a beach that was your typical sandy goodness.

Normally it cost $10 for the day, but it was one of the perks of staying at the condo they were in. It was a nice beach where you could snorkel since there was sea life around you, but it wasn't very deep. The deepest part came up to Baby Girl's waist.

This crab was biting the IO while I snapped this picture so it's not as clear as I'd like.

I've seen lots of these shells, but never with the animal still in it!

This jelly fish just stung Baby Girl not five minutes before. After she finished crying she went out and used the sand sifter to lift it up.

They also had a rope where it let boaters know when to start watching out for people.

On the other side of the rope was a 2' barracuda eating some of the schools of fish that would swim back and forth. Unfortunately my friend who was snorkeling didn't have his camera with him so I have no pictures to share, and as soon as one of the other people swam toward it, it swam away.

I took so



of the area, just so I could bring home a bit of the Keys with us. This was a nice place, and since it was on mile marker 90, it didn't take too long to get to (Key West is where you can find mile marker 0). I have a feeling this will become a family vacation more often.


Susan said…
Sigh. It looks so nice! We're still freezing here at home.
SusieH said…
Ooooh, oooh, oooh....that looks heavenly.
Anonymous said…
Looks like you and the family had a great vacation.
Jane said…
Oh, wow, does that look nice! Warm. Sunny. Ahhhh!
Bridget said…
Sounds like a wonderful trip! Great pictures, too.
Anonymous said…
It's easy to see some people just live in the lap of luxury, and have not a care for the rest of the country digging their way out from whatever blizzard has gone through that particular week. Oh well!! It does take all kinds, they say. hahaha
I'm glad you enjoyed yourself so much, and the photos are lovely. It is easy to see why you wouldn't mind returning sometime. Thank you for sharing that. :)
Life's a Stitch said…
Wasn't it nice having palm trees for Christmas? I'm definitely going to look into that place. Do your friends own the condo and want to do a condo exchange with one in WA state? Doesn't have to be at the same time of year. We did it one year with someone in Galveston. A good way to have a resonable trip.
Jacki said…
"This jelly fish just stung Baby Girl not five minutes before. After she finished crying she went out and used the sand sifter to lift it up."

Those sentences makes me laugh! Glad to see you guys had a good time!
Ruth said…
Hey, we spent the day in Key West on Dec. 19th. We were close to being there at the same time! I could've waved at you as we drove past!

Happy New Year.

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