I'm starting to slip........

So I go to the post office yesterday to mail out my box to Warm Woolies and another box to the next person on the list for the Snowflakes Odd Ball blanket. I wait in line behind 10 people and its finally my turn. I hand the first box to the guy and he starts to process it, stops and looks at me. He then holds it up to ask me what was wrong with this picture. I look at the box and it takes me a second before I realize that I'm missing the main address. I have my return address and the name of the swap on the bottom, but I'm missing who I'm sending it to. What makes this worse is that I'd been looking at this package the whole time I'm in line. I forgot to add my new cat stamp on it and I'm mad at myself for forgetting it. I notice the missing cat stamp, but NOT THE SENDER'S ADDRESS!

I'm not sure if I should be worried.

The one thing I didn't forget is my sky.

It's 64 degrees outside and really a beautiful day. I plan on getting outside to enjoy it, but after the busyness of the past week, I just want to stay inside and veg. However last night I did get out to enjoy the beautiful night sky. I tried getting pictures of both the gorgeous full moon (that was huge!) and Venus and Jupiter in the sky, but I can't seem to get good night shots of the sky. I did get a good shot of the local gas station.

Wonder if we'll make it below a dollar......

Knitwise I'm getting closer to finishing up a package for my sil in CA, and as soon as that's done and in the mail, I'll be posting pictures. While some people say socks take a long time, all I can say is I'm working on a never ending scarf.......


Susan said…
I have a friend who calls moments like this "half-zheimers", not "all-zheimers". I think it starts happening when you have kids - there are just too many things to remember.
Anonymous said…
Aren't ALL scarves never-ending?

I love the half-zheimers. LOL
I think I am a victim of that.
stitcherw said…
That is so frustrating when something like that happens. You just can't believe that you did it. What a pain to have waited all that time in the line as well. Were you lucky enough to have the address with you? Or, did you have to go back home to get it? Hopefully the rest of your weekend goes better. Good luck finishing up the scarf.

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