Just Doin' My Part

It has been busy here at Happy Acres. We tend to buck the system and NOT do turkey on Thanksgiving so in reality, my Thursday was rather low key. However we had friends visiting on Friday and we didn't get home until late. The guys grilled by the pool (remember this IS Florida) and us girls cooked the rest of the food while drinking wine and catching up. The young kids played Wii and the teens watched a movie. A fun time was had by all.

After being so busy on Friday, I planned on just taking it easy Saturday. I don't usually go shopping the wknd after Thanksgiving because it's a zoo at the stores. The only time I consider it is when Joann's has their good flannel on sale for a buck a yard or when I want to get one of their craft tables. Between the great price plus the 20% off the total amt, it's worth it. I just go prepared to wait in line for a LONG time. However this year I didn't feel the urge to go. That all changed when my friend Karen called to see if I wanted to go to Michael's. We always have fun at the craft stores and while I knew we'd be home late, I also knew we'd have a great time.

At 5pm the IO called me to see how we were doing. What?!?! FIVE O'CLOCK?!?! Karen and I looked at each other and gasped. We had been in Michael's for FOUR HOURS! It's a personal best, I have to say. No wonder we were feeling a bit weak, we were lacking food!!! What killed us was the dollar section. They must have just filled it because we were there a LONG time.

After a quick bite to eat at Steak and Shake, we hit JoAnn's. We didn't think we'd be as long there after our time in Michael's, and we weren't, but that was because they closed the store. A quick trip to Target left us closing that store down as well.

Needless to say we were exhausted and plan on playing with some of our stash the next time we want on get away. What did I get?

Some scrapbooking stuff:

Here is a closer look at the stamp. I LOVE it!

Some cross stitch stuff:

Did you know they make fabric that is part linen part aida now? I got some to try out. Plus #1 Son loves Dolphins and he LOVED this kit. There are lots of 1/2 stitches so I'm hoping it doesn't take too long.

The lamest item? A kit to grow crystals. This is what the outside box looks like.

and what I'm actually *growing*.

Yes it really is that bad. It's from NSI and if I would have seen that before I bought it, I would have put it back. I had a problem with something else by them and when I contacted customer service, I was basically told *I* was the problem (I knew I wasn't since we'd done something similar with another company's product). I kept pushing and finally got some replacement supplies sent to me, but for what I got and what I had to go thru to get it, it was SO not worth it. With this kit, I can see their quality has not improved either.

I rounded out my purchases with some t-shirts to paint on, a bunch of stuff from the dollar bins, a picture frame for a cross stitch project completed last year, two skeins of Red Heart for an upcoming Odd Ball blanket, a couple of books for the kids, some fabric for an ongoing snowman quilt and some microsuede for a skirt for Baby Girl, plus almost 1/2 yard of blue/black/white plaid homespun for only 35 cents. Yes 35 CENTS! Gotta love remnant fabric that is not only on sale, but being additionally discounted 75%. Not a bad haul for $80!

Now to find the time to play with it all. I've got family coming over on Saturday for turkey and Sunday we are going over to my sister's for pizza and to watch football. I'm trying to really schedule my days so that I'm not killing myself on Friday night to get everything ready. Let's hope I can do it.

Oh and did I mention I offered to sew up an apron kit for my friend? Yes, I'm that nuts.


SusieH said…
Oh, wow, Lynn - you SCORED! I love the dolphin kit. 4 hours is indeed a new world record, I think. I bet it was a WONDERFUl 4 hours, though :)
Jane said…
Good job shopping! I bought that same stamp about a month ago - too cute.
I talked myself out of going to Joann's this weekend (and today) because I knew it would be crazy. Now I wish I had gone. What great deals!
Wendy said…
Oh wow that must be some record for spending time in one store. You got some great stuff to show for it. I love the stamp.
aksunflour said…
I think that I have the same dolphin kit in stash somewheres. Let me know how it stitches up.

you got way more bang for you bucks than I did!

good job.

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