Love/Hate relationship with computers

I've gotten so used to having a computer that when it goes down, I feel a bit lost. If I'm on vacation, I'm ok, but when I'm at home, the computer is my diversion from laundry, cleaning, and kids at home. So when my computer crashed Saturday night, I wasn't sure when I'd get back on. Thanks to the magic that is my husband (the insanity works BOTH ways), he was not only able to fix the computer BUT also retain the hard drive so that I didn't lose anything. Shoutout to the IO!!!!

So let's get caught up. I finished off the scarf for my sil so I'm now getting a box together to send out to her. I'm sending her 2 hats for my niece and a scarf for her. I have another scarf finished and another in the works for my other sil and niece that will probably be sent out by the new year. These care packages aren't for the holidays so there is no stress to get to the post office today. I'll probably send them when we visit our friends down in the Keys.

The first hat I did for D is this one.

I used some sport weight Lorna's Laces in Mother Lode, c/o 112 stitches and worked a k2p2 rib for 5.75" on size 5 needles before I started to decrease the crown. I started on 11/15 and finished it on 11/22. It felt like a really long sock cuff!

Hat #2

This is a rolled brim hat on size 8 needles. I cast on 76 sts and knit for 5.5" before decreasing. This was knit with Knit Picks Andrean Silk. NICE yarn!!! It's 55% alpacka, 23% silk, 22% merino wool worsted weight yarn. The color is Imperial, a very rich purple. The computer doesn't do it justice. It was wonderful to work with, I ordered enough for a scarf, but ended up using part of it for this hat. I'd definitely use it again. I cast on for this hat after casting off the other one and finished it in one day, 11/22/08.

The last knit for the box is the scarf.

I used The Yarn Harlot's One Row Scarf pattern using Lion Cashmere Blend yarn in Camel. Another nice yarn I got on clearance at JoAnn's. It's 72% wool, 14% cashmere and 14% nylon. Other than a few flubby areas every once in awhile (probably one every skein), this was really nice to knit with as well. I think it's the first LionBrand yarn I've actually enjoyed knitting with! I used 3 skeins and it was 4.5x51.5 before I blocked it out. I didn't even pin it, I just laid it on the bed to dry and I could tell it had grown longer. I'm happy with it. I started it on 11/24 and finished it off on 12/15. Scarves really take a long time to work on! With them being so skinny, it doesn't feel like the length would take that long to get thru. I have one more scarf on the needles and then I'm going to get back to my poor lone sock.

Last, here is a picture of my Saturday sky.

We've dropped in temps since then, but we're warming back up again. I'm including the temp pic to send some warmth thru the 'nets, NOT to entice you to move down here. Remember we have gators and sharks and rip currents and hurricanes (even though I'd rather deal with that than having no electricity when it's 100 below).


Grace said…
right now we have freezing rain which I totally hate, would love to have your temps!!!

Merry Christmas and thanks for visiting my blog!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on the two hats and the scarf. What a relief you finished them in time for the Holidays, right?

We had freezing rain last night, but it's warming up now. Still, there should be enough snow that we will still have a white Xmas.

Here's wishing you and yours a wonderful 2009

aksunflour said…
Woo HOO! no loss on the comp, that is so exciting!

the hats and scarf look warm.
thank you for the warm sunny pic.

we had sunny skies today too but they were kind of on the chilly side.
Also you have BUGS! lots of them, and big ol' spiders too.
Knittymuggins said…
OMG. Just look at that sunny sky! I haven't seen one of those in who knows how long.

The knits look great and I'm happy to hear your computer is back up and running. I had a computer breakdown recently too, but with no expert at home to fix it, I just ended up getting a new one ;)

Happy New Year!

stitcherw said…
Great finishes. My favorite was the purple roll brim hat, fun. I'm so glad that your computer was able to get back up and running with no lost info. It is amazing how dependent we get on them. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you a great new year.
Life's a Stitch said…
You've been a busy knitter!

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