Slow it down!

It can't POSSIBLY be the end of the year already. Where did the time go? Didn't I just post abt going to the Tropicana on New Year's Eve to dance the night away? And yet in a little over 2 weeks we'll be doing it again. Hmmmm. Where did the year go? I think I'm still stuck in October.

This coming week is the last week before Winter break here at Happy Acres. We have some friends visiting the Keys soon and I need to sit down and plan a trip down to meet them. If we make the drive down, do we stop along the way to see sights? Should I be a tourist in my own state? Part of me says yes, but when you've grown up in the area and been to a lot of places during field trips, where do we go? Then again I may just find a good deal on a hotel and veg out by the pool.

Still no pictures of knitted items. I'm going to work some more on the scarf and then post pictures with a warning ahead of it. I'm getting really close to finishing it, one skein left and it's done!

And here is the latest addition to our neighborhood watch

No stray kitties will come in our yard on MY watch!


stitcherw said…
It sure has flown by, I can't belive it will be a new year in just a couple weeks. Love the kitty guard, looks very attentive. :)
Jane said…
We had the best time driving to the Keys from Miami. We got the best book, "The Florida Keys" by Joy williams. It has all kinds of off-the-beaten-track type things to do, and is written in a very funny and entertaining manner. I bet there are quite a few things even you have never seen. Highly recommended - both the book and the drive.

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