The Year in Review

First of all, how in the world is it the last day of the year?!?!?! I'm watching The Today Show this AM and they are showing different segments of what's gone on during the past year. How is it that so much can happen in one year and yet feel like it flew by? Yes time does go faster the older you get. My grandmother used to say that all the time. She also used to say "we'll cross that bridge when we come to it". I HATED when she said that because it just prolonged telling me whether or not I could do something. Well Baby Girl was asking me abt Middle School (remember she is only 6). Will I get to go on field trips? Will I get to my locker before I'm late to class? Will it be too hard for me? Will it be scary? I told her not to worry and that we would cross that bridge when we get to it.


My defense is that I was REALLY tired when I said it. And I guess the fact that I had kids for 10 years before I said it counts for something. Right? RIGHT?!?!!?

Ok so I went thru my crafting journal and counted how much I've done over the past year. I really enjoy doing that because it reminds me that I actually do get things done thruout the year.

So for the year of 2008 this is what I've accomplished.

13 books read. I consider this a major accomplishment!! This means I avg'd over a book a month. Definitely more than I thought.

Sewing projects: 12
5 receiving blankets
2 quilt blocks
1 valance
1 pillowcase
1 quilt
2 sleep pants

Again, not bad. I wish I had done more with the quilt blocks. They were my BOMs that I started in Jan of last year and had hoped I would be close to a quilt top at the end of 2008. Well there's always 2009.

Cross stitch: 2
This is sad, but considering I don't stitch as much as I used to PLUS most of my projects are huge, I guess I should be happy I finished anything at all.

Knitting: 41
Now that's more like it! I knit 18 projects for family and friends and 23 projects for charity. Broken down it looks like this.

1 vest
1 sweater
6 prs socks
1 headband
1 dress
1 wrap
3 juggling balls
2 hats
2 scarves

charity list:
1 sweater
3 cat blankets
7 vests
3 socks
5 hats
1 blanket square
3 odd ball blankets panels

They were mostly kid sized projects, but I'm helping keep somebody warm which is all I care abt. I'm really happy with the amount I knit for charity, but I think I'm going to knit more for some of my northern friends. I'll still be doing some charity projects, but charity begins at home and there are a few people I know who could use the warmth.

What am I bringing into the new year?

Knitting: 4 projects
I still have my sweater that was started back in 10/07. I have the back done and started one front panel in 9/08. Maybe I'll have it done by 2010. I have my pair of socks that I started also in Sept. I've got one done, but the 2nd one is taking me forever to finish. Maybe because I've been knitting on so many other things. The other 2 projects are scarves in various stages of completion. One is abt half way done and the other is only 2" long. Once those two are finished, I'm finishing off my socks! The sweater, well I'm not sure when I'll get back to that.....

Cross Stitch: 8 projects
Queen Ann's Lace, Bag Ladies, Maggie, Too Pooped, Seasonal Fall & Spring, my Snowman and Ariel. I can't find Ariel's pattern, but the rest I'm hoping to stitch a bit on each during 2009.

Sewing: 2 quilts
I have the BOM quilt that I want to continue working on and I'd LOVE to finish off the quilt for #1 Son before he gets too old to enjoy an I Spy quilt. I've already had to switch out fabrics because he's too old for them.

As far as resolutions for the new year, I make the same one every year; I don't make them. I make goals for myself thruout the year and I'm more likely to stick to a decision in the middle of July than I am at the beginning of the year. Then again I'm also more likely to start a diet in the middle of the week than on a Monday. That's just how I roll.

And since I refuse to have a post w/o a picture, I'll leave you all with warm memories, even if they are only mine! (I know, I get evil when it's cold!;-)


stitcherw said…
Great pictures in this and your last post, it looks so warm. I took a picture of Jaz rolling in the snow today to post, what a difference. You did awesome on all you finished this year. I don't do a lot of goals, mine are pretty generic so that I can have a goal to meet, but have flexibility in how I get there, it works for me. I still need to set a couple for the coming year. At this point just have two, finish the SAL I'm going to do with my DSIL and work on Flower Dragons for my DD, with significant progress by year end. I'll also have some cat mats in the mix, as they went over so well at the shelter. Have a wonderful New Years,
SusieH said…
Happy New Year!!! You got a TON of projects done this year - I bow in your direction....
Jane said…
Happy Happy New Year!
Vivian said…
That's a lot of projects you finished. I need to hurry up and cast on some baby socks soon.

Happy New Year!

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