Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Updates

Again it is Sunday and no sky has been posted. So to make up for it, I will post two skies.

Here is my Saturday sky.

but I like my Friday night sky better.

I looked outside and saw these pink clouds from the setting sun. They looked like wisps of cotton candy and when I went outside to take a picture of them, I saw the sun setting and took that instead.

It's been an interesting couple of days. The rugrats each had field day activities, Baby Girl on Thursday, #1 Son on Friday.

Saturday. Well let's just say some old poop that's been gathering over the years hit the fan. In between all the flying poop I finished this.

It's a Lizzie*Kate Snippet Design using WDW threads, DMC floss and some 28ct linen from the stash. It took me exactly one month to complete. I plan on framing it with a cute picture of the rugrats. I even have the picture in mind. However considering how long it took me to finish off the laundry one and how another one is still waiting for the right size frame, who knows when this will actually get displayed....

I sequestered myself in the bedroom and worked on it while I watched Hairspray, the version with Christopher Walken (he is ONE strange dude) and John Travolta. While I didn't enjoy the movie as much as I expected, I totally enjoyed John Travolta!!!! OMG he played a woman SO well! Until he sang. Then some of the notes came out like

Danny Zuko.

The IO saw bits and pieces of it and thought it was funny how he's come a long way from

Oh please! I still remember him as a Sweathog!!!

I wonder what Kotter and the rest of the sweathogs would think abt this new look.....

Friday, March 28, 2008

Thursday Kitties on a Friday

Are these REAL fish?!?!

That human won't find me back here!


NOW I'm hidden!

What's this?!?

Does it move?


Can't I get ANY private time?!?

You see this as a compromise, I see this as a win.

Fine, let her have her *alone time*. I'll hang with Tiger.

I'm so loved......

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Machine Was SMOKIN'!

Sometimes I think that when I organize my stuff, all I really do is move it around. The last time I cleaned out the office, I pulled out my craft table and put it in the living room. It's been there for longer than I care to say. It's been a holding ground of sewing projects; quilts, repairs, fabric to make cute outfits, and ironing. Since I'm getting close to my deadline of finishing (or STARTING) that quilt for Baby Girl's teacher, I decided to pull out the sewing machine and ironing board and tackle that mountain of fabric.

After I finished ironing some shirts and dresses, I started on the fun stuff. First, I found some fabric to use in #1 Son's room.

Out with the old

and in with the new.

with a matching pillow case.

A little patch on a plain shirt to jazz it up a bit.

Next, I finished month 2 for my BOM quilt.

I tried doing a blog search to see if anybody else had done this kit before (its called Countryside Cottage from JoAnn's) and I only found 2 references; one got a great deal on the kit on eBay, another said the pieces weren't cut correctly and she only had one block done from last year. Interesting. I was going to pull out Month 3, but it has 2 blocks in that one and I was running out of time.

Last, I FINALLY completed a cross stitch picture that I finished stitching last July.

It's even hanging in my laundry room!

I was able to tackle quite a bit, but there is still SO much left. Spring Break starts for us next week. I'll either get a LOT done or NOTHING done. Let's hope I get *something* done.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

F is for


This is the latest edition to the pile. It was in the remnant bin at JoAnn's. It's enough to make a pillow case for Baby Girl.


When we first got Hemi, his fur was a bit rough, but after almost a year of tender loving care, it is silky soft.


From our hibiscus bush.

Some weeds try to have such pretty flowers. They get pulled anyway.

One of the sunflowers blooming under the bird feeder.


Saturday, March 22, 2008

Saturday Sky

Has it REALLY been a week since I last posted?!!? WOW! I knew it was a busy week, but didn't realize HOW busy!! Nothing out of the ordinary, but I didn't get to work on much so there were no progress pictures; I met with my stitching group on Thursday so no time to post Kitty Thursday pics; and the kids were home yesterday so no time for ANYTHING! I also think the yard sale from last week wore me out more than I expected because I didn't do much of anything on Monday which set me back on getting things done.

Anyway, enough bemoaning abt that! Let's get to some pictures! First up, the local sky and temp.

It's the kind of day where it's really hard to wake up. Or the kind of day you just want to sit around watching movies. I plan on doing just that.

I haven't been working on much this week. I'm still plugging away on #1 Son's socks, and I have YET to finish that cuff! I've never had a sock take so long and will be VERY happy when this is finished. My goal is to have it done by the 31st. However I did get to work on my cross stitch on Thursday when I met my stitching group.

I am SO close to finishing this!!! All that is left are the little bits to fill in the hearts and the saying You Have Stolen My Heart in the middle. This wknd will be too busy to finish it, but once we get back to our routine on Monday I'm hoping to take some time and just finish it off.

Thursday was a LOT of fun. I got a good portion of my project done; got to chat with some good friends; had some GREAT chicken salad for lunch and even got an extension on lunch since the IO picked up the Rugrats from school so no rushing to get there in time. The only downside??? Dee almost gave me a heart attack. She decided to work on her sock instead of stitching. Well apparently as she was knitting and we were talking, she made a mistake. As I lean over to see what she did, without any warning, she just ripped the needles out and started to unravel! OMG!!!!! LIVE STITCHES on the loose!!!! She literally gave me goose bumps. If there was some kind of warning like a comment or even a grunt, I would have been prepared for the carnage. But to just rip out w/o any warning took a toll on this girl.

Dee, all I ask is for a little heads up next time.........

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Ides of March Sky

Don't be getting used to these early morning shots because I will NOT be making a habit of them! A friend of mine was having a yard sale these past two days and I've been helping her out. This shot was taken during a donut run.

I left around 2:30pm because it was just getting too warm outside, and when I got home I saw the reason why.

While this is the hottest expected for the next week or so, it won't be getting much cooler so it looks as if Spring has definitely sprung here in the Central Florida area. This means I REALLY need to start working in the yard if I want to avoid those hot days that will be here sooner than later.

And for those who remembered that today is also the Ides of March, not only did Julius Caesar die on this day, but so did George McFly in Back to the Future II (click on the above link and scroll down to see this little piece of trivia).

Meanwhile, Lucy says:

Don't worry, Caesar, I've got your back.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

E is for....

Early morning sky

This was taken at 7:26AM this morning. We used to have sun when we woke up for school, now we have this. Thank you DST.


This is one of #1 Son's favorite books. He has had this for a couple of years now and he still loves to look thru it.


the End

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Little Bit of Everything.

Last Monday I sent this off to A4A

and this to CIC.

Then Caesar decided that the shelter blanket was going to be his. (notice the needles still attached).

So I cast off and will keep it for him.

That winds down all of my charity knitting. Other than my white sweater, #1 Son's socks is the only knitting project I have going on. (this is the beginning of sock #2)

So I've been pulling out my stitching instead. Here are my hearts (before and after)

and my seasonal spring (before and after).

I also pulled out the fabric for the handprint quilt.

I picked up some Wonder Under and some other stuff to print pictures on fabric so I can start working on that.

I haven't been the only one getting projects done. The IO picked up some wood to make this for Baby Girl.

She has been in dire need of a bookcase. Between the books we've gotten her and the old ones that #1 Son doesn't read anymore, she has quite a stack. Now I have someplace to put them other than piling them on the floor.

Meanwhile, Hemi says....

Who needs a blanket when you have the sun.......