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Saturday Sky

After a couple of miserably rainy days, we are cool and sunny again.

The rugrats were going to have an outdoor activity planned on Friday so I decided to make this for Baby Girl.

She likes to tuck her hair in the back so the hat is a bit more rastafarian instead of your typical rolled brim hat. This was the same yarn I used on Delaney's hat, just in a bigger size. The pattern I used was for an adult, but as you can tell it fits her perfectly. It's too small for me.

Here are the stats:

Baby Girl Rolled Brim Hat
Date start: 1/28/09
Date end: 1/29/09
Total project time: 2 days
Knit Picks Andrean Silk
c/o 72sts using size 9 needles. Knit stst for 7.5" before decreases.

Oh and the outdoor activity? The one that I was knitting this for?!!? It was rained out. However she has worn it all day today. She loves it and has informed me to give away her other hats, they are WAY too small.

And remember this sweater?

It's now back in the ball stage. I'm not enjoying the pro…

MUCH Better!

Last week = Tierra Del Freezo

This wknd = MUCH BETTER

Now that the weather is no longer an issue, I can move on to more important things, like a meme from Dee. Here are the rules --- Dee gave me a letter. My letter is 'B'. I need to find ten things I like that begin with the letter 'B'.

1. Baby Girl

2. Brownies

3. Banana Muffins

4. Ballerinas

5. Buying yarn

6. Brainiac husbands

7. Beboping to old 70s & 80s music (which is now played on the *oldies* station)

8. Basking in the sun on a white sandy Beach (back in the day it would be on a towel with me covered in SPF 2 tanning oil; today its under an umbrella on a beach chair covered in SPF 50)

9. Buttered popcorn

10. Being with my family

If you want to play, just let me know in the comments section and I'll give you a letter. I promise I won't give you an obscure letter like X or Q.

And speaking of back in the day and oldies radio stations, the DJ had a back in the day memory.

Back in the day, families had only o…

What happened to my veranda?

Boy do I miss my time at the Herlong Mansion. It's been nuts here ever since. My last update was that Hemi had broken his hip and he needed surgery. Of course the same weekend I'm nursing him back to health, Baby Girl gets sick. She gets better but I decide to keep her home one more day. Monday night #1 Son starts with the cough and by Tues night we are in the ER getting a supply of steroids since the albuterol wasn't working. Wednesday we see a new dr who only takes cash, his prescription pad was printed by Bill's Prestige Printing (I kid you not) and one of the meds was discontinued back in Nov. Meanwhile my pharmacy lost then found one of the prescriptions. It was an eventful evening. The scary thing is that the kids are under a state insurance and THIS is the dr they assigned #1 Son to. Needless to say I will be making phone calls tomorrow and we WON'T be going back.

Add to the fact that we've been literally freezing here the past 3 nights. We've had har…

On a Roll

Last Thursday I met up with my stitching friends and I brought Ariel out to play. I started this back in the summer, but I really wasn't enjoying it. I'm not crazy abt the colors, the pattern has a ton of 3/4 stitches (some of which I do, others I don't), and I also didn't make a working copy of it so I could cross out as I go along. Then I lost the pattern. I finally found it, made a working copy and now that I can cross out what I've done, it seems to make a difference. Here is my before and after pictures.

I also put it in a proper ziploc bag instead of rolling it back up into the tube it came in. I am missing one color, which annoys me to no end since there was a time I was determined to collect every color of DMC (see, each hobby entails not just the project, but the collecting of said supplies). I'll have to pick it up during the week.

As I was pulling out projects, I came across my snowman and put in a few more rows of white for his body. Here is…

Recouperating Saturday

Baby it's COLD out there!

This is what we are.

Yes, that FORTY-SIX!

And our sky.

I took it looking thru my living room window because I'm too cold to go outside.

Even with the house feeling cold and being partially shaved, Hemi decided to move around the house a bit today.

The dr said to encourage him to get back up and moving, it will help him in the long run, but to not expect him to use that leg much yet. Well he's using it as much as he did before the surgery! Animals truly amaze me.

My stitching is still in the car and since I'm too cold to go out to get it (yes I know, I've already been called a wuss by my friend living in NJ) so updated pictures will have to wait. I am ALMOST done with my sil's scarf so hopefully I will be able to block it out later today and add fringe to the other one. Hopefully this will all translate into some January finished objects.

At least I can fix him

On the last day of 2008, I noticed that Hemi was limping. I was trying to figure out what he could have done to hurt himself. Did he get in a cat fight? Did he fall off the fence while spying on the neighborhood dogs? I didn't know and since he didn't seem to have too much of a problem when I was messing with it, I figured I'd give it a couple of days. The following week I *thought* it was doing better but by Thursday night, he was really favoring that leg. I took him to the vet on Monday (Friday was booked up solid) and after an x-ray was taken, was told that he broke his hip.



Apparently part of the ball that attaches the leg to the hip didn't develop really well so it broke off. The dr said he could have landed wrong from a jump that made it snap, the bone in that area was really weak. He had surgery on Thursday to remove the broken part and the hip would be able to heal well enough that in time we would be hard pressed to know which one was the…
You Are Chocolate Chip Pancakes

You prefer sweet and rich foods.

You shy away from anything that's overly bland or unnaturally fat free.

It's not likely that someone would find low fat cheese or sugar free cookies in your kitchen.

Instead, someone might find a pan of brownies baking in the oven or warm popcorn covered in real butter.

What Kind of Pancakes Are You?

Wow. While I don't like anything in my pancakes (just butter and Log Cabin syrup please) the rest of it is right on!!! The only diet food I like is Diet Coke and I just made a batch of brownies last night!! LOL I got this from Lovin Comfort Knits.

Travel Log Day 3

After 2 days of limestone, coral rock and children, it's time to slow the pace down a bit and enjoy the end of the vacation in style. This is why we drive up to Micanopy, a small town just south of Gainesville. As you walk thru main street, you will notice the street and houses used in the movie Doc Hollywood. While big box stores have tried to build on Main Street, the townspeople have kept them at bay to keep their town charming.

We will be staying at the Herlong Mansion. This is a beautiful bed and breakfast and your time is your own. Feel free to roam the gardens or relax on the veranda.

Every person's time here is different and we leave you to find your own. Have no fear, the owner of this blog will recount her experiences at the mansion. Thank you for using Happy Trails Virtual Vacation. We hope you remember us the next time you consider a virtual vacation. Have a nice day.


Ok I figured you all have been pati…

Travel Log Day 2

Good Morning! Today we drive up to St. Augustine. We have a two hour drive ahead of us so make sure you bring something to do.

Once we arrive, we will stop for a yummy lunch

and head on over to Castillo de San Marcos

a fort built in 1672 to protect and defend Spain’s claims in the New World. We will see reinactments of the canon being shot off using real gun powder by soldiers wearing REAL wool uniforms

and another with imaginary gun powder (notice #1 Son's acting abilities of being shot by a canon)

Make sure to look around at the scenery from the top walls, it really is beautiful.

Once we go thru the fort itself [ANOTHER place not made for comfort, but what do you expect from something built out of Coquina (a soft limestone made up of broken shells)]

we will take a much needed break for snacks (try the Kilwin's Chocolates, Fudge & Ice Cream Shop) and shopping.

Later we will meet up here.

While our schools lack in a lot of ways today, this place will make you appreciate what w…

Travel Log Day 1

Welcome to Happy Trails Travel Agency, your #1 choice in Virtual Vacations. You have chosen the Florida Road Trip package with various destinations around the state. Fabulous choice! I will be your travel director and hope to make your trip a fun one.

We have started out at the southern end of the state and work our way up. I hope you have enjoyed your time in the Florida Keys. It's quite beautiful there; very relaxing and it's always 5:00 somewhere! Now it's time to work our way a bit north to Homestead to visit Coral Castle.

Coral Castle

was made by Ed Leedskalnin,

a 5 foot 100 pound man from Latvia. He was engaged to be married to a 16 y/o girl who left him the day before they were to wed. He was heartbroken and decided to build her a home.

Out of coral rock (maybe his first mistake).

He was an amazing man, able to move and carve and design an outdoor home out of coral.

He had a front gate that weighed 3 tons, but was easy enough for a child to open.

He made a sun…