Livin' the dream

I'm sitting on the 2nd floor veranda of an old southern mansion. As I sip my gourmet coffee, I watch two squirrels scamper high in the treetops of huge oak trees that provide shade from the morning sun. I listen to birds tweet and coo and flit about. Am I dreaming? Is this some delusional fantasy I've conjured up when in reality I'm sitting in some mental ward on mind altering drugs because I've finally snapped??

Not yet.

I'm sitting on the veranda of The Herlong Mansion celebrating my 23rd wedding anniversary. It's a B&B in Micanopy, FL (just south of Gainesville) that we were able to stay in with the help of the IO's parents. My sister watched the rugrats and we were able to escape for 30 hours on our own. Sitting on that veranda with nothing but quiet and solitude was the best part of the entire trip.

It's been a busy winter break. Last week we were in the Keys, last Friday we went to St Augustine on a family field trip and Saturday we left to go to Micanopy. For a while it may look like I'm turning into a travel blog (I've got some pictures and a funny breakfast story to tell), but rest assured I do have some fiberly content to share as well (after all, it WAS my anniversary!)

It's taking me 3 days to post this. I've been trying to use a laptop and it's just not working for me. I've added a mouse, an electrical plug so I don't wear the battery out AND my camera plug, but it still has Vista on it and it's making organizing my pictures a pain. Some of them already look like they've been corrupted and that's where I draw the line; do what you want with my words, but leave the pictures alone!!!

You were gone? I never noticed....


Oh yes, the perfect time to go to sunny Florida! Happy Anniversary!
Dee said…
Happy anniversary. Sounds like a wonderful place to decompress.
Jane said…
Happy Anniversary!

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