On a Roll

Last Thursday I met up with my stitching friends and I brought Ariel out to play. I started this back in the summer, but I really wasn't enjoying it. I'm not crazy abt the colors, the pattern has a ton of 3/4 stitches (some of which I do, others I don't), and I also didn't make a working copy of it so I could cross out as I go along. Then I lost the pattern. I finally found it, made a working copy and now that I can cross out what I've done, it seems to make a difference. Here is my before and after pictures.

I also put it in a proper ziploc bag instead of rolling it back up into the tube it came in. I am missing one color, which annoys me to no end since there was a time I was determined to collect every color of DMC (see, each hobby entails not just the project, but the collecting of said supplies). I'll have to pick it up during the week.

As I was pulling out projects, I came across my snowman and put in a few more rows of white for his body. Here is a before and after of him.

If I can finish off the body, the rest of this project will go quickly since it's mostly backstitching and big blocks of snowflakes. That will be another project done. I'm getting to the point where I've reached my maximum on-going projects and I want to get some completed. That will leave me with only big projects left, but I already have a small(ish) one that I want to start once these two others are done.

Some knitting has been accomplished as well. Here is the scarf I finished off on Saturday.

I still need to weave in the ends and block it, but you get the idea. Stats for this project are:
Date start: 12/15/08
Date complete: 1/17/09
Project time: One month
C/O 30sts with a size 7 needle using Yarn Harlot's One Row Scarf
Finished size: 4"x57"
Yarn used: KFI Cashmereno 55% merino, 33% microfiber, 12% cashmere
Color 24
3 skeins
Total yarn used weight: 3.5 oz**

I have another one started,

but I think it will be the last of the scarves for awhile. I'm getting a bit sick of them. Plus I need to change to a different pattern.

And remember this guy?

I've got a whole 2.5" done for the cuff. WOOHOO, it's just flying off the needles! I'm getting a bit sick of this sock, esp when I have Malabrigo sitting in the same basket. Maybe that's why so much stitching is getting done, the sock is leaving me uninspired. I may have to cast on for a cat blanket to have a good mindless project I can work on with some interesting bulky acrylic that I got on clearance at Wal-Mart.

**I started keeping track of the weight used to see how much I go thru in a year. I joined Stash Knit Down 2009 on Ravelry, and while they keep track of yards, I find it easier to keep track of weight. Anyway, what I find interesting is that I used 3 skeins of yarn for this scarf which weigh 50g, yet the total finished weight of this scarf is 3.5oz, abt 100g or only TWO skeins. Makes me wonder what the skeins originally weighed...


SusieH said…
Ariel looks fabulous!!
Jane said…
Wow, you are one busy woman!
stitcherw said…
Wow you got a lot done. Your needles, stitching and knitting, have been flying. Ariel is going to be so cute. I would think she'd be a lot easier now with having a working copy to mark up. I have a horrible time stitching much of anything except very small projects without a copy to mark off as I go. Snowman is looking great too, as are your knitting projects.
KSee said…
I don't kow how you can have multiple projects going. I found out early on that once I put away I will not finish it. You sure did make a dent into Ariel. That One Row pattern is great for mindless knitting. I am not going to keep track!

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