Recouperating Saturday

Baby it's COLD out there!

This is what we are.

Yes, that FORTY-SIX!

And our sky.

I took it looking thru my living room window because I'm too cold to go outside.

Even with the house feeling cold and being partially shaved, Hemi decided to move around the house a bit today.

The dr said to encourage him to get back up and moving, it will help him in the long run, but to not expect him to use that leg much yet. Well he's using it as much as he did before the surgery! Animals truly amaze me.

My stitching is still in the car and since I'm too cold to go out to get it (yes I know, I've already been called a wuss by my friend living in NJ) so updated pictures will have to wait. I am ALMOST done with my sil's scarf so hopefully I will be able to block it out later today and add fringe to the other one. Hopefully this will all translate into some January finished objects.


Karen said…
LOL, that's 31 degrees warmer than here in CT. How I wish it was 46 here!!! :) But it's all in what you are used to - I'm sure 46 for you feels like 15 for me. Stay warm. And hugs to the kitty!
Susan said…
Cold? Hahahahahahahahaha! Middle of last week it was -63F with the wind chill here. Today is a balmy 21F (-6C). It feels like we're in the middle of a heat wave!
stitcherw said…
I'm so glad that Hemi is doing so well. It amazes me how quickly animals can recover and how little they seem to let physical problems bother them. I can't believe he broke his hip and it wasn't a huge issue. If it was us, we wouldn't be able to move. Stay warm, at least this gives you a chance to wear some of your heavier weight socks you've made. It is so cold all over, I'm beginning to forget what it feels like to have temps above 0 and not to live in long underware.
Anonymous said…
Looks to me like you have perfect weather right now for wearing some of your wool socks! Hey, it got up to 15º here today. When I got up this morning it was -8º! BRRRRR!!!

Anonymous said…
Good news about Hemi.
aksunflour said…
very interesting about Hemi.

LOL! we got to 45 F last week! think today was chillier around 39 F. You guys must be FREEZING!

Sorry think it is absolutely hilarious that Alaska is around the same temp as Florida. but w/your humidity you guys are colder... and if you have any wind the wind chill makes you colder still. Just hope the oranges are ok.
Kathy... said…
Lynn, You don't know COLD! That would be considered a HEAT WAVE here in Iowa in mid January. LOL!

Hope Hemi continues to bounce back quickly. Lovely cat!

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