Saturday Sky

After a couple of miserably rainy days, we are cool and sunny again.

The rugrats were going to have an outdoor activity planned on Friday so I decided to make this for Baby Girl.

She likes to tuck her hair in the back so the hat is a bit more rastafarian instead of your typical rolled brim hat. This was the same yarn I used on Delaney's hat, just in a bigger size. The pattern I used was for an adult, but as you can tell it fits her perfectly. It's too small for me.

Here are the stats:

Baby Girl Rolled Brim Hat
Date start: 1/28/09
Date end: 1/29/09
Total project time: 2 days
Knit Picks Andrean Silk
c/o 72sts using size 9 needles. Knit stst for 7.5" before decreases.

Oh and the outdoor activity? The one that I was knitting this for?!!? It was rained out. However she has worn it all day today. She loves it and has informed me to give away her other hats, they are WAY too small.

And remember this sweater?

It's now back in the ball stage. I'm not enjoying the project at all so out it came. I really like the yarn, but not for that project. Not sure what I'm going to use it for. It will sit and marinate for a bit. So all I have left on the needles are my 2nd sock and my scarf. I just need to get in the groove for that sock if I have any hopes in wearing it this winter.

What else have I done? I got my hair cut. I'm sick of constantly pulling it back in barrettes or a pony tail and really like the way it came out. See?

It's a lot straighter than it normally is, but that's my hair when it's cold. It will be back to the frizzy curls once the humidity kicks back in. I'm not sure abt the length of my "bangs". I wanted it shorter around my face, but it looks good the way it is. We'll have to see if I can keep it laying back nicely like that or if I need to go back and have more hacked off.


Anonymous said…
I love your new haircut. I got mine cut last week too. We got to talking and she went a little short! LOL Well, it's hair. It will grow.
KSee said…
I had my hair cut short on Thursday. Lucky to have a salon at work. Baby girl and you are cloned.
stitcherw said…
Cute hat, and she does look like she's loving wearing it. Sorry the sweater didn't work out. What a pain to have to pull all that work out. However, better to do it now than keep pushing forward when you disliked it and then either not finish or have even more to pull out later. Cute haircut, I really need to try and do something with mine too.
Jane said…
Your hair looks great! Nice hat, too.
Susan said…
I love the new 'do!
aksunflour said…
what did you do with your hair you cut? Princess was telling me about some place on the net that'll buy it.

nice do.
And why on earth does a child in Florida need a wintery hat like that one?

lovely warm weather you guys are having. it was -15 F here again this am. sigh....
SusieH said…
Great hat, and GREAT haircut!! (first I typed haircute - is that a Freudian slip?)
Jacki said…
Love Baby Girl's new hat! I love her little face - kids that age are so neat!!

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