Travel Log Day 1

Welcome to Happy Trails Travel Agency, your #1 choice in Virtual Vacations. You have chosen the Florida Road Trip package with various destinations around the state. Fabulous choice! I will be your travel director and hope to make your trip a fun one.

We have started out at the southern end of the state and work our way up. I hope you have enjoyed your time in the Florida Keys. It's quite beautiful there; very relaxing and it's always 5:00 somewhere! Now it's time to work our way a bit north to Homestead to visit Coral Castle.

Coral Castle

was made by Ed Leedskalnin,

a 5 foot 100 pound man from Latvia. He was engaged to be married to a 16 y/o girl who left him the day before they were to wed. He was heartbroken and decided to build her a home.

Out of coral rock (maybe his first mistake).

He was an amazing man, able to move and carve and design an outdoor home out of coral.

He had a front gate that weighed 3 tons, but was easy enough for a child to open.

He made a sundial that not only told time but could tell you the month and season as well.

All the chairs either rocked or reclined.

(actually a lot more comfortable than you'd think!)

and he even made a table in honor of the state he lived in.

Since he knew things the average person didn't, they felt he was either an alien or used some kind of magic to do the things he did. Feel free to visit the gift shop where you can buy drawings from the man who assisted him and other various items.

There have been engineers who have come to the home to check out his designs, some of which they can't explain. However our resident inventor (aka the Insane One) was rather disappointed by the simplicity of how he did many things. (then again, there is no solid proof that the IO is NOT an alien himself). He did agree that the man was ahead of his time and is still fascinated by the place. This travel guide finds the place VERY interesting; what a man would do for the love of his life and still prove that a man hasn't a clue abt certain creature comforts.

After a quick stop for dinner and a drive thru Miami, we will include one more stop before we head to the hotel.

Tomorrow we'll work our way up the state to St. Augustine. Get a good night's sleep because tomorrow we do a LOT of walking.


Anonymous said…
Not much to say about Day 1, eh?
Jane said…
I LOVED visiting Coral Castle. Very interesting place, and I vote for the space alien theory.
Anonymous said…
..and he still didn't get the girl? How sad.

Looks like y'all had a good time.

Can't wait to see your pictures of St. Augustine. It's so beautiful up there.

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