Travel Log Day 2

Good Morning! Today we drive up to St. Augustine. We have a two hour drive ahead of us so make sure you bring something to do.

Once we arrive, we will stop for a yummy lunch

and head on over to Castillo de San Marcos

a fort built in 1672 to protect and defend Spain’s claims in the New World. We will see reinactments of the canon being shot off using real gun powder by soldiers wearing REAL wool uniforms

and another with imaginary gun powder (notice #1 Son's acting abilities of being shot by a canon)

Make sure to look around at the scenery from the top walls, it really is beautiful.

Once we go thru the fort itself [ANOTHER place not made for comfort, but what do you expect from something built out of Coquina (a soft limestone made up of broken shells)]

we will take a much needed break for snacks (try the Kilwin's Chocolates, Fudge & Ice Cream Shop) and shopping.

Later we will meet up here.

While our schools lack in a lot of ways today, this place will make you appreciate what we've got now.

The boy in the dunce cap was actually a slow learner.

The misbehaving ones were stuck in the *dungeon*, the small hole in the wall with the closed and LOCKED door behind us (not pictured for those that consider it a bit TOO barbaric).

However for those who ever thought of becoming a teacher, here are the rule of the school back in 1872 (click to make it bigger)

I still haven't figured out why going to get a shave at a barbershop would make a man's integrity come into question. Any thoughts?

After another stroll thru town for dinner and even more shopping, head back to the buses to head home. Tomorrow we will leave the children home and head out to Micanopy for some well deserved R & R.


Anonymous said…
You gained a child.

The shaving thing was probably less a mark against his integrity as it was a mark against his thrift.

A man could easily shave himself and save to money. Haircuts would be a necessary expense, but getting a shave would be a wasteful luxury.
The part in #8 about no liquor would have done me in. Doesn't teaching drive you to drink? :)
stitcherw said…
You've been having some lovely trips, what fun places you've been visiting. As I'm looking at all the snow we are getting (we are under a winter snow warning) I'm greatly envying you your beautiful getaways. DD is in Miami at the moment, they just started up the run for this year this week, and keeps sending me updates on your lovely weather.
SusieH said…
I am loving the virtual road trip - thank you!!!
Jane said…
It may be as Dee said, due to thrift, but I'm also not sure that barbershops may also have served the roll of places of ill repute - you know, loose women and all that. Did you notice the big chain holding the school house in place. Can't have it blowing away in the a hurricane.h

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