Travel Log Day 3

After 2 days of limestone, coral rock and children, it's time to slow the pace down a bit and enjoy the end of the vacation in style. This is why we drive up to Micanopy, a small town just south of Gainesville. As you walk thru main street, you will notice the street and houses used in the movie Doc Hollywood. While big box stores have tried to build on Main Street, the townspeople have kept them at bay to keep their town charming.

We will be staying at the Herlong Mansion. This is a beautiful bed and breakfast and your time is your own. Feel free to roam the gardens or relax on the veranda.

Every person's time here is different and we leave you to find your own. Have no fear, the owner of this blog will recount her experiences at the mansion. Thank you for using Happy Trails Virtual Vacation. We hope you remember us the next time you consider a virtual vacation. Have a nice day.


Ok I figured you all have been patient with the 3rd person blogging and since I'll be sharing my stay at the Herlong, I figured I needed to be me instead of a tour guide. If you've stuck with me this far, thanks. I've tried to make it somewhat interesting, but I may have only entertained myself. If you are sick of my travels, just scroll down to look at pictures, including some anniversary yarn (can you say malabrigo?)

So as you can tell, we've been quite the Florida globe trotters this past week. I live in Central Florida and yet I was as far south as Islamorada and as far north as St Augustine, a total of over 1000 miles travelled in a matter of 6 days. Between all the packing and unpacking, it was a bit hectic between trips, especially St Augustine and Micanopy since those were back to back day trips, so by the time we got to Micanopy, I was ready for some down time.

We arrived around 3:45pm,

(I got this one off of their website)

just in time for their afternoon wine and cheese platter. They also had teas and cookies out as well. Since we wanted to take a walk I put my wine in a plastic cup along with some Ritz and Colby Jack. (I'm such a class act). The town is small, abt two or three long blocks on both sides mostly made up of antique shops. Since it was almost 5pm, most of them were starting to close up shop, but a few stayed open for us.

Since Micanopy has only 2 restaurants, we went into Gainesville to eat. If you are ever in the area and want a fantastic steak dinner, go to MT Chop House. It was GOOD! How good? You only needed a butter knife to cut your steak, including the rib eye I got. It was a bit pricey and I don't recommend this place for kids, but its a nice place to go to for a special occasion. The location is a bit weird, in a strip mall off of a state road, but once you are in it, it is a classy place. Plus they have an outdoor area secluded with trees so you don't realize there are residential neighborhoods behind you. As usual we made friends with the waitress and closed the place down. Don't we look happy?

The next morning the IO didn't feel that great so while he slept in, I went into the main house for breakfast, bringing my book, my camera and my knitting with me. We stayed in the Pump House, which is one of their cottages off the main house.

(another picture off their web site)

Here is the dining room

with what's for breakfast posted outside.

The food was very good and so was the coffee. I would have taken a picture of it if I wasn't by myself. The owners were a bit quirky, but I enjoyed myself watching them and the other guests. Once I had eaten and the rest of the guests went on with their day, I decided that I would explore the house and take some pictures. Unfortunately my batteries died so if you'd like to see more house pictures, visit their web site. (the majority of pictures on this post are mine, except when I credit the Herlong website)

Instead I perched myself on the 2nd floor veranda where I thought up this post. I sat there for a full hour just watching people walk by and listening to nature with this as my view.




As I sat there I thought how I could actually live there. Of course I'd have to be able to afford servants to keep up the place, esp if I wanted to sit on the veranda and watch squirrels scamper in the trees. I also thought how this would be a wonderful place for a retreat. They provided breakfast in the AM and wine and cheese around 4pm. They leave out cookies, tea and coffee all day and while we could go out for lunch at one of the local places, they offer a catered dinner if you so choose. Of course I'm not thinking of how much it would cost to do all of this, but price is never discussed in my quilting and knitting books when they go off on retreat. Only how much fun they have, even if there is the occasional murder.

After awhile it was time to wake up the IO and check out. We had lunch at Old Florida Cafe (it's for sale if anybody's interested)

for some yummy soup and sandwiches (meat stacked high on some homemade bread) and did more shopping. The IO got an old book by Frank Lloyd Wright, some old glass mugs he plans on using and I got some tea cups.

Royal Albert bone china, Rosemary on the left and Lavender Rose on the right.

One of my goals for 2009 is to entertain more and in the back of my mind I want to host an afternoon tea. I have a couple tea cup sets, but I wanted a couple more plus a pretty plate for all the yummy sweet cakes I plan on making. Do you see what staying at a bed and breakfast does to me?!?

Since Gainesville is only abt 10 min away, I knew I wanted to visit Hank's before we left. We get there and the IO said, see you in an hour. THIS is why we've been married for 23 years!! He looked in some of the surrounding shops and then got a magazine and waited for me in the car. What a guy. Meanwhile I can't decide what to get. They had Lorna's Laces, Jitterbug, Malabrigo, Cherry Tree Hill, and one other sock yarn all in front. Then in the back they had more wools and blends of cottons and silks. It was a really nice store with VERY helpful, friendly owners. While I was there they had an S&B going on that they had to start moving in the back because they were running out of couch and chair space. I think there were abt 10+ people just sitting around knitting, telling funny stories and just enjoying each other's company. If I had more time I would have brought in my knitting from the car and joined them, but alas all good things must come to an end and we needed to start heading home. So what did I get?

From the left, 2 Jitterbug and 3 malagrigo sock yarns. More than I was expecting, but it was my anniversary so I splurged. The IO and I don't exchange gifts on our anniversary, we learned a long time ago that doesn't go well. Instead we take trips and buy souveniers. These were my souveniers.

Thanks for sticking with me these past few days. Now that we are home and back in our normal routines, I'm hoping to have more to show you knitwise. I've got 2 scarves on the needles along with that poor sock. Hopefully I'll have some FOs to show off soon......


Thanks for taking us along--great photos!
Dee said…
Looks like you had a great time. I'm thinking about copying you come anniversary time. That B&B looks wonderful and I love Micanopy!

If I didn't say it before --- happy anniversary to you and Bill
Bridget said…
What a great trip! Looks like it would have been good in just about every way ...
stitcherw said…
I've loved your tour guide discussions of what you did and the pictures. It sure looks like you had a lovely time, I'm totally envious. Awesome yarn you found, the colors are gorgeous. That will make a lovely souvenier as whatever you make with it everytime you look at it you'll remember your fun trip.

As to the book signing and knitted squares, I think they did pretty good on the squares. Several were handed in at the end of the talk, but as it seemed most of us were slower knitters, many of us took ours home to finish. They are collecting the squares all this month, so it will be interesting to see how many they get and the final afghan(s) when it is put together with all the colors. The Vanna's Choice yarn was nice to knit with, I really enjoyed it. However, I also was going to do a crochet mat with it, and that didn't work so well. It held together nicely for knitting, but it seemed to want to split when I used my crochet hook, so kept having to fix the piece that didn't get caught. I've found that tends to happen when my hook is to small for a type of yarn though, so maybe just need to go up a size or two.
Sandie Knapp said…
Congratulations lady, and Happy Anniversary. I'm so glad you were able to get away by yourselves even for just a short time. You look so happy in that photo. Loved it!! What a lovely place to stay too. Your "souveniers" are lovely too. Can't wait to see what they become eventually.

Take care. :)

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