What happened to my veranda?

Boy do I miss my time at the Herlong Mansion. It's been nuts here ever since. My last update was that Hemi had broken his hip and he needed surgery. Of course the same weekend I'm nursing him back to health, Baby Girl gets sick. She gets better but I decide to keep her home one more day. Monday night #1 Son starts with the cough and by Tues night we are in the ER getting a supply of steroids since the albuterol wasn't working. Wednesday we see a new dr who only takes cash, his prescription pad was printed by Bill's Prestige Printing (I kid you not) and one of the meds was discontinued back in Nov. Meanwhile my pharmacy lost then found one of the prescriptions. It was an eventful evening. The scary thing is that the kids are under a state insurance and THIS is the dr they assigned #1 Son to. Needless to say I will be making phone calls tomorrow and we WON'T be going back.

Add to the fact that we've been literally freezing here the past 3 nights. We've had hard freezes (into the 20s one night) and depending on the damage, you might be getting your orange juice from California for awhile. Florida houses really aren't equipt to handle this kind of cold. A lot of us have heat pumps that warm the houses, but it doesnt make them toasty warm. At night we've been bundled up, sleeping under 3 blankets last night to keep warm. Tonight I ended up making chili for dinner (on a bed of rice covered in cheese and a bit of sour cream) and baking brownies. Nothing like comfort food and a warm oven to warm the house and the body.

The silver lining in all of this? Lots of stitching time. My snowman is looking good, and Ariel's hair is almost complete. I hope to go to JoAnn's to get the missing color. And we'll be back in the 70s by Saturday.

Can I still sleep in the buggy after it warms up?!?


Anonymous said…
Good golly, that doc sounds down-right scary! Hope the kids (and Hemi) are still on the mend.

I am SO over being cold. My hands are so dry from the heat being on. I hate this.

I can't believe I ever lived up north and didn't mind the cold. I sure have become Floridian.
Bridget said…
Wow - you have had a way too interesting time of it lately!

I love the kitty in the stroller - why do they think everyplace is for *them* to sit??
SusieH said…
Yoikes - that doctor sounds like he's not a "real" doc - did they switch you??
stitcherw said…
Wow, you have been having a round of bad luck. I can't believe the Dr. you ended up with. I hope both are feeling better now and you and DH didn't catch any of it. I totally agree with the cooking. I don't cook much, but mainly in the winter is when I do. There is something so comforting about the good smells, warm food, and warmth in the kitchen area from running the stove.
aksunflour said…
bummer about the dr. but if the state is involved the dr. maybe in trouble.

Sad our temps were the same last week. (but at least I got to run around in shorts and t-shirt).

Big question why is the kitty in the buggy? Actually why do you have a buggy at all?
Anonymous said…
I had no idea your homes were not equipped to keep you WARM if the temps dipped so low. I guess if I thought about it I wouldn't have been so surprised. I'm sorry you struggled to keep warm, and I'm happy for you that it's warmer now and the cold didn't linger for very long.

I'm glad that everyone has recovered from your night of horror. Isn't that the way things go though? When it rains, it pours!! Take care. :)

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