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Not much progress. Not much at all.

I haven't had a whole lot of time to devote to my projects lately, so I've been trying to take moments here and there to knit. Unfortunately I seem to be moving in reverse.

Remember this guy?

It is now this.

I was knitting on this during Baby Girl's ballet class and after a couple of inches I'm realizing that I'm off by one stitch in the pattern. Granted I haven't worked on this scarf in awhile, but the pattern is easy, K2 Ktbl P1. The Harlot's One Row Scarf pattern. As I try to figure out what I did (it was correct on one side, but wrong on the other), I realized that an end stitch was either dropped or knit together because instead of having 30 stitches, I had 29.


Since I wasn't loving the project anymore and it was causing more grief than relief, out it came. The yarn will go back in the closet to marinate. I have 4 balls of the stuff (Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk) so it will probably end up a scarf (maybe even with the same pattern), but not r…

There's Something about a Photo Album

Back when I was growing up, you took pictures of special occasions, vacations, and the occasional school function. I have the first day of school picture

and the pictures they take in school for each grade. My aunt had a camera that I wanted to borrow for a school field trip once, but she said no, even though my mother would be there. When I turned 11, my mom got me a camera for another school field trip. It was a Kodak Pocket camera with the flash bar (remember those?!?) She saw in me a budding photographer.

I LOVED taking pictures. I took pictures of our cats

and dog.

I took pictures of our vacations

and since I was the only one with a regular camera, I became the designated picture taker of the family.

As soon as the 110 film was full, we'd take it to Eckerd's to be developed. I HATED having to wait a week!! But when we got them back, I would go thru them while at the counter and give back the bad shots (Eckerd's would *buy back* the bad prints, plus they gave you du…

Is 22 over the top?!?

The nice thing abt having company is that you get to visit with friends and family on a more intimate scale. Another nice thing abt having company is that it forces you to clean your house! While I didn't get to all that I wanted, I got the majority done. Besides, anybody who knows me knows that I promise a clean bed and bathroom. Everything else is up for grabs. I don't include the kitchen since it may start out clean, but doesn't stay that way for long.

We had my mil out this wknd and the kids were thrilled. We don't get to see the IO's parents that often so when we do, it's a treat. They have become official *snow birds* and live abt 2 hours south of us. Unfortunately my fil couldnt come with my mil, he hasn't been feeling well, so we hope to go down to visit before they go back up north. And if Baby Girl had it her way, we'd be going down today!

We didn't do a whole lot, my mil just wanted to hang with us and the kids, but Baby Girl w…

Thursday Kitties

Hemi, is that you?!?

No, Mom. I'm over here.

But I see TWO of you!

I'm just the tom that sneaks into your house and eats your food!
(he really does, too; thru the kitty door)

Meanwhile, look what Tiger's missing......

It's been over a month

When does it grow back??

At least I still have my thumbs....

A Clean Slate

Well sort of. I have my mother-in-law coming out this weekend, and while she isn't one for a white glove test (THANK GOD!), I still don't want my house looking like a tornado hit it. I've been sitting here trying to figure out when the last time my house got a GOOD cleaning, and it's been awhile. Like the early part of December.


Keep in mind, we went on a family get-a-way and then a couple days after we came back we had a field trip and then our anniversary, then the kids went back to school, but then the sicknesses started. Add in Hemi and his broken hip. While I've kept up on laundry and no science experiments have started (that I know of), it's been awhile since I've really put things away. This could explain why every room in my house is a mess.

One of the worst is the office/craft room. It's also the room where everything gets thrown into (after my bedroom). I've had piles that had been toppled over, re-piled by *helpful hands*, toppled o…

Dances and Skies on a Cloudy Sunday Morning

The dance was a huge hit! We have a different set of officers in our PTO (this is our school's PTA w/o the dues and fees) this year and they decided that we needed to have the dance in a different location. Our school has over 1100+ kids and the cafeteria (the location of previous school dances) can only hold under 400 kids at one time. The've sold out this dance every year they've held it and lots of girls have been disappointed because they never got their tickets in time. So between getting a discount as a school and with the economy the way it is, they were able to get this place.

NICE huh? Esp for it being an elementary school dance. They also took pictures that they handed out at the end of the dance and gave away balloons and little gift bags as they walked out. So where are the IO and Baby Girl?

Right here.

Last year the IO wore a suit and tie but he told me that if he wanted to last the entire night, he had to be comfortable. Baby Girl just cared that he co…

Week in Review

While the kids are doing better, they apparently passed on whatever they had to the IO. In fact we spent Tuesday AM sitting in the ER making sure he didn't have pneumonia! Thankfully he only has a bad case of bronchitis. And all that waiting time resulted in this!

One sock done in 5 days flat!!! I plan on casting on for the 2nd one tomorrow.

Tonight #1 Son and I will be at the mall while Baby Girl and the IO will be at the Father/Daughter Dance. Poor IO, he still feels like crap, but is sucking it up for his daughter's sake. I'll post pics of their big date tomorrow.

What else has happened this week? The passing of time. One minute your baby girl looks like this

then she looks like this!

Those big front teeth are on their way!!!!

and as a side note, wonder how many people today are being named Jason......

The mojo is back!

Back in September I cast on for a pair of socks. FIVE MONTHS LATER I cast off. And here they are!

I've never had a pair of socks take me so long to finish! And I finally have something to post for Sock-A-Month KAL 7.

Here are the details:

Paca Peds #601 Singin the Blues - 20% superfine alpaca, 65% superwash wool, 15% nylon
Sock #1: 9/19 thru 11/8/08 7 weeks
Sock #2: 11/16 thru 2/7/09 10.5 weeks
60 stitches on 2.5mm dpns
3x1 rib for 4"
stst for 1" before heel

This is my typical vanilla pattern.

While the mojo is in full swing, I pulled out some Kroy sock yarn

and cast a pair of socks for Baby Girl.

Even when I encounter mojo killing obstacles

causing me to rip out and cast on again,

I take it in stride.

I'm really enjoying the changing of the colors so I should make good progress on this sock today. Could I possibly finish another pair of socks in the month of February?!?!

We'll see.

Remember, I have *helpers*!

Saturday Sun

This is much better!

It's fun to watch the news and hear the newscasters complain to the weatherman, why is it so cold?!!? Poor guy! They need a blog so they can complain to their readers!! Weatherspeak should calm down a bit now, at least until June 1st when we start hurricane season.

Health update: Rugrats are doing better. How do I know? I had to stop a wrestling match! Me, I'm nasally but winning. The IO, not sure yet. He doesn't usually get sick so when he does, I get worried. He can quickly go into pneumonia so we are keeping an eye on him. I've also added him to my schedule of meds. If I don't dose him like I do the kids, he'll never remember to take anything.

Knit update: I'm abt 2" from decreasing my sock!! WOOHOO!! I looked back and saw that I started these socks back in SEPTEMBER!! It's never taken me this long to work on a pair of socks. The next pair will be for Baby Girl, a pair of Kroys that she picked out from Michael…

I was warmer in NY

Because when it got down into the 20s I could crank my furnace up and make my house toasty warm! Other than the cold nights I am enjoying the cooler days. It's a nice break from the 90 degree weather. (I've decided to embrace the cold because it wont last that long).


They've changed the forecast to 79 instead of 80 on Wednesday so it should be a beautiful week. We just have one more night of a hard freeze but only to 28 tonight instead of 23 like we had last night(I'm NW of Orlando and we get colder) w/o the wind chill of 15. The citrus hasn't been badly damaged, apparently the crops weren't frozen long enough to do major damage. We'll see how it goes tonight.

The weather does wreck havoc on the kids' health. We had friends visiting last week and the next day their son was in the hospital with a fever of 103. Yep, you know what that means. Monday afternoon they were both home with 101 fevers. It's lasting longer than I'd like but the…

A Break in the Action

Aksunflour had a meme of 5 questions asked her by another blogger. If you wanted to play, she would send questions out to you. Since I like to play, here are my questions and answers.

1. What did you use to make the largest item you have ever knitted?
Hmmmm, I had to think abt this one since I'm not a large knitting project kind of gal. I like my baby items and my socks, with the occasional kitty afghan thrown in. I did finish a knitted afghan that my mom started. She was knitting up 12" squares to sew up into an afghan, but she never finished it. I found them in a bag along with the yarn and a square in progress. I figured out the pattern (it was a basketweave) and finished up that block and did another one with the yarn left over. I then seamed it together with THREAD and used it when I was first married. Its a nice size, but it was getting alot of wear and I was afraid it would rip apart so it sits in a bin in my closet with other linens from my family.

The biggest…

Any Given Sunday

So some of you are gearing up for the Super Bowl. Some have plans to attend parties. Some have plans to watch at home. Us? I plan on watching for a bit, but w/o the Dolphins being in it, I don't have much incentive to watch. Plus the rugrats have been up late and then up early the next day so they are crashed out. AND we wont be getting out of the 50s or 60s for the next few days with lows around 31. Yes I know, but I live in Florida for a reason. I need some 70 degree weather STAT!! I don't know why the colder weather is bothering me more this year, usually I enjoy the coolness so I can wear my socks. This year is just reminding me that I don't own enough cold weather clothing.

This should give me incentive to work on my sock, right? Well last night I pulled out both Ariel and my snowman and both got put back in. I think its time to rotate them out. I worked on my sock for a few rounds, but I don't know if its because of the yarn or the colorway, but I'm just not e…