Any Given Sunday

So some of you are gearing up for the Super Bowl. Some have plans to attend parties. Some have plans to watch at home. Us? I plan on watching for a bit, but w/o the Dolphins being in it, I don't have much incentive to watch. Plus the rugrats have been up late and then up early the next day so they are crashed out. AND we wont be getting out of the 50s or 60s for the next few days with lows around 31. Yes I know, but I live in Florida for a reason. I need some 70 degree weather STAT!! I don't know why the colder weather is bothering me more this year, usually I enjoy the coolness so I can wear my socks. This year is just reminding me that I don't own enough cold weather clothing.

This should give me incentive to work on my sock, right? Well last night I pulled out both Ariel and my snowman and both got put back in. I think its time to rotate them out. I worked on my sock for a few rounds, but I don't know if its because of the yarn or the colorway, but I'm just not enjoying it. I may have to cast on another pair to get my sock knitting mojo back. I'm not in the mood for the scarf so I cast on for a kitty blanket. I'm using some Bernat Black Lites bulky yarn I bought on clearance from WalMart a couple of months ago. It's nice stuff and if I had more of it, I'd have to make something for Baby Girl out of it. She LOVES the colors! It's black yarn with a strand of pink and orange variegated thru it. I'll take a pic once I have more done.

I joined Ravelry's Stash 2009 Knit Down back in May but I didn't really keep track of how many yards of yarn I knit up. This year I'm keeping track of how much I've knit with weight and length. We'll see how long THAT lasts, but in the meantime I have used up 5oz/374yds of yarn in the month of Jan. That's a scarf and a hat. Small compared to what others have done, but since I don't consider it a competition, I'm happy with what I've done. I'm also keeping track of my purchases. I know I won't stop buying yarn, but I really want to use up some of what I have. I'm doing what Clara from Knitter's Review calls Slow Stashing. I LOVE this concept and apparently so do alot of other people. If you do a google search on "slow stashing", you get abt 38,000+ hits. Basically you go thru your stash, pull out the yarns you don't love and eliminate them. Pass them on to charity groups, swap them out or sell them on eBay. This way you only have yarns you truly love. Then when you buy, stop and think abt if you will actually use this yarn. I don't like diets in general because they make you give up all the good stuff. I like the concept of *everything in moderation* so I'm just trying to keep tabs of what I'm spending vs what I use. Like I said, we'll see how long this lasts.

Meanwhile I think I will go and look into my project bin to see what inspires me. Or I may just fold laundry and watch Runaway Bride. Either one will work.

As long as it involves a warm bed, I'm there!


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