A Break in the Action

Aksunflour had a meme of 5 questions asked her by another blogger. If you wanted to play, she would send questions out to you. Since I like to play, here are my questions and answers.

1. What did you use to make the largest item you have ever knitted?
Hmmmm, I had to think abt this one since I'm not a large knitting project kind of gal. I like my baby items and my socks, with the occasional kitty afghan thrown in. I did finish a knitted afghan that my mom started. She was knitting up 12" squares to sew up into an afghan, but she never finished it. I found them in a bag along with the yarn and a square in progress. I figured out the pattern (it was a basketweave) and finished up that block and did another one with the yarn left over. I then seamed it together with THREAD and used it when I was first married. Its a nice size, but it was getting alot of wear and I was afraid it would rip apart so it sits in a bin in my closet with other linens from my family.

The biggest project I did from start to finish would be a sweater I made from a Family Circle magazine back in the late 80s. It is big and bulky and too warm to wear here so it sits in the same bin. Both were made out of acrylic yarn.

2. Have you ever considered using your crafting ability to help bring in income for the family?
I've considered this and actually did sell some items I made with cross stitch at a craft show. I'll never do it again. For me, my hobbies are just that, hobbies. Once I start making things to sell, then I get stressed and all the enjoyment of the hobby flies out the window. If I'm going to make money, I will make it in an office or at a craft store. And quite honestly, the money that knitting saves me in therapy bills, well the supplies MORE than pay for themselves!

3. How long have you been knitting?
I've been knitting on and off for abt 33 years. My mom taught me to knit when I was 9. I did a couple of squares for an afghan that never got made. When I was 13 or 14 I found the knitting bag and made a Barbie coat (which I still have somewhere). I picked up the needles again in my early 20s when I made that bulky sweater. I got really serious with knitting in 2001 and have been knitting consistently ever since.

4. What is the furthest West you have been.
Until I was 30, the farthest west I had been was Tennessee. I'd been up and down the eastern seaboard, but I had never been out of my time zone. When I turned 30, we finally went out to San Francisco to visit family. While there we flew up to Tacoma and then drove to Seattle. We were gone over 2 weeks and had a fantastic time. It was also the last vacation we had before we had kids.

5. With all the sunny weather in Florida, what outdoor activities do you love to do.
Hmmm. Another hard question. I'm not much of an outdoorsie girl so this might be a disappointing answer. Not much. I like hiking and going to the beach, but I'm just as happy walking the mall. I do enjoy boating, but it's an expensive sport; you either have to own or rent to play.

So there you have it. If you want to play, just use the same questions (or modify them for your purposes) and leave me a link so I can read the answers.


And for those of you who have asked abt Hemi, he is doing fantastic! A couple of days ago he was on the roof of the van and today he was chasing Princess around the backyard. Even his limp isn't as bad anymore. Now if he would only grow back his hair.......


Anonymous said…
Oh poor kitty! He does look funny with that bald him. He looks like he has a turkey leg stuck to him.
aksunflour said…
he hasn't grown any fur back by now> poor kitty- and thankfully he isn't up here! we are on day 2 of -20 F. am so sick of the cold....

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