A Clean Slate

Well sort of. I have my mother-in-law coming out this weekend, and while she isn't one for a white glove test (THANK GOD!), I still don't want my house looking like a tornado hit it. I've been sitting here trying to figure out when the last time my house got a GOOD cleaning, and it's been awhile. Like the early part of December.


Keep in mind, we went on a family get-a-way and then a couple days after we came back we had a field trip and then our anniversary, then the kids went back to school, but then the sicknesses started. Add in Hemi and his broken hip. While I've kept up on laundry and no science experiments have started (that I know of), it's been awhile since I've really put things away. This could explain why every room in my house is a mess.

One of the worst is the office/craft room. It's also the room where everything gets thrown into (after my bedroom). I've had piles that had been toppled over, re-piled by *helpful hands*, toppled over again, walked over, walked ON and just basically ignored. It's taken me two days, but I've finally gotten it clean. There are a TON of things that I need to go thru and purge, but this isn't the week to do it. The one good thing abt it is that it helps me see how much STUFF I actually have. Plus I plan on bringing my craft table in from the living room (after 2 years) back into the office so that I can bring in the rocking chair back in from the garage (see how this is all falling into place?) It will be the IO's job to vacuum and steam clean all the furniture. He will of course leave this until Friday night. She is coming Saturday morning.

I have one question; why do I wait until company comes before I get things done that have been lingering for awhile?

I also got a new shower set for the kids'/main bathroom. It now has rubber duckies, which is really cute, but we've replaced the shower curtain twice. It's time to move on. We really need to paint and replace the linoleum, but that also will be for another time.

With all of this cleaning going on, I haven't touched a project. My downtime has been on Club Pogo or keeping up with blogs. This has been a double edged sword since there seems to be lots of new sock yarns coming out and they all seem to be screaming my name! However after cleaning and somewhat organizing, I keep telling myself the last thing I need is more STUFF! How can I be lusting for the new Mini Mochu when just a couple of months ago I was lusting after Malabrigo (which is sitting in the bin just waiting to be knit up).

I'm quite the fickle girl.

At least she keeps me around.


Susan said…
My Malabrigo sock yarn is still in my stash too. It's a very fine yarn so I'm leaving it until the weather is nicer. The Mini Mochi is fluffier and will make warmer socks which would be better for this weather (although your weather is a lot different than ours).
Dee said…
For a moment there I thought you were going my way and deleting all the old blog posts when you mentioned a "clean slate". LOL

Congrats on all the hard work.

We went through a big clean/purge right after you were here. My closet is so much nicer now (even though the tree is still in there.)
SusieH said…
This is why I HAVE guests...it forces me to clean when I won't do it for myself :) LOL
Sandie Knapp said…
I hope you all have a nice time with the Mother-in-law visiting. I'm sure she is more interested in her Grandchildren than she is over how tidy things are. But heck, while doing all that straightening up you might find some previously lost surprises. I did, and it was great fun! hahahaha

KSee said…
I too wait until I have someone coming over. How else would I have time to read blogs and knit and work and sleep. Have to keep our priorities in place. As you said, as long as their are no science experiments, I good. Laundry, kitchen, bathroom check, all the rest has some kind of pile going on!

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