Dances and Skies on a Cloudy Sunday Morning

The dance was a huge hit! We have a different set of officers in our PTO (this is our school's PTA w/o the dues and fees) this year and they decided that we needed to have the dance in a different location. Our school has over 1100+ kids and the cafeteria (the location of previous school dances) can only hold under 400 kids at one time. The've sold out this dance every year they've held it and lots of girls have been disappointed because they never got their tickets in time. So between getting a discount as a school and with the economy the way it is, they were able to get this place.

NICE huh? Esp for it being an elementary school dance. They also took pictures that they handed out at the end of the dance and gave away balloons and little gift bags as they walked out. So where are the IO and Baby Girl?

Right here.

Last year the IO wore a suit and tie but he told me that if he wanted to last the entire night, he had to be comfortable. Baby Girl just cared that he could last the entire dance. And they did. Here they are dancing the last fast song, even when they were the only ones out there.

Meanwhile #1 Son and I went to the mall to walk around. We picked them up when the dance was over. And as you can tell by this picture of Baby Girl and her friend

a fun time was had by all. Why does this picture scream Facebook to me?!?

Yesterday we were back at the mall to see Pink Panther 2. We really loved the first one, and maybe that's why I was disappointed in the 2nd. It had it's funny moments, but it also had some slow parts and while I LOVE John Cleese, I was disappointed that Kevin Kline didn't reprise his roll as Dreyfus.

While at the mall I picked up these little guys.

Aren't they cute?

And for those of you that are looking for my Saturday Sky, look no further. It's been really nice weather here lately, sunny and warm with a cool breeze. The sky last night was different depending on which way you looked so you get to look at both.

Today we are crashing. In fact the IO is still asleep and it's almost 1pm. I think I need to kick his butt out of bed........


SusieH said…
YES!! Totally FAcebook party girlz. Love the sheepy - they're darling :)
Anonymous said…
Are the sheep earrings?

Glad girlie and dad had a good time at the dance.
stitcherw said…
They looked like they had an awesome time. What a great spot for the dance too, more special and that's great all the kids that wanted to go could. I didn't see Pink Panther 1, as couldn't picture a remake from the original with Peter Sellers that I love. However, John Cleese and Kevin Kline, hmmmm I may need to give it a try, I really like both of them. Did you ever see the movie Fierce Creatures? To funny.
Grace said…
what a wonderful memory for your daughter!! Love love love the earrings
Oh heavens! If she's already got Facebook worthy photos now imagine what she will be like in 10 years. Lol. Just kidding :) What a wonderful memory for her and her daddy.
Anonymous said…
I totally loved the picture of IO and baby girl!!! How wonderful they were able to attend the Father/Daughter dance. I remember back when my niece and her Father were attending their Father/Daughter dances, and how much it meant to her. I'm sure your lovely daughter will hold those memories of dancing with her Dad very close to her heart for a lifetime. I'm all misty-eyed just thinking about it! haha

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